Tuesday Aug 16, 2016

Wulff Reinhold

District 5130 Governor 2016/17 Rotary

District Governor Wulff Reinhold

Scribe: Tom Boylan Editor: Jake Fowler Introduced by: John Lecave

Flag salute: Anna Smith

Inspiration by Ken Moulton… Gratitude!

Songstress was Bev Graham who placed the three amigos (Pres John, PE Steve Klick, PEN Warin Parker) on an imaginary podium so we could sing the national anthem.

Scribe duties fell to Tom Boylan


Visiting Rotarians:

Pres. John introduced District Governor Wulff Reinhold

Renee Hyde introduced Assist Governor Nita Parker

Ken Moulton introduced Pam Moulton

Warin Parker introduced Joy Wemms, our English member


Guests Of Rotarians:

John Hackenburg introduced his wife Jean

Ed Turner introduced his wife Louise Turner

Warin Parker introduced Doug Williams as a guest for the last time



Pres John suggested we sign up for SCARC on August 29th with Valley of the Moon.

We discussed the Clayton Fire in Lake County and the need to help. There have been numerous communications from DG Wulff regarding how to help and whom to speak with to learn more of what is needed. Take a peek at the District website news section to see up to the minute info.

Because of the Clayton Fire, Wally Krutz suggested the hands on project for this weekend, which is supposed to install smoke alarms in the trailer park homes Saturday at 7:15 am. There is a training to show how to install this Friday at 5:pm in the Red Cross meeting room off Airport Blvd. If you can’t make that meeting, you can still show up at the trailer park and receive a brief training. Wally will keep us posted.

We brought in a new member today, Doug Williams was inducted by DG Wulff, because the two of them have been friends through their profession for many years.

DG Wulff then went on to recognize John and Jean Hackenburg for their reaching the Major Donor level of giving, and joining the bequest society. They too have a history with our DG as they all started at the same Rohnert Park-Cotati Rotary Club.

Pres John then discussed the importance of International Projects that are implemented by Rotary International through the Rotary Foundation.

DG Wulff introduced a basket of Goodies from Rotary Club of Arcadia. The winner of the drawing is Anna Smith.



AG Nita Parker introduced DG Wulff, whose background has been filled with numerous awards for his role as a Rotary Club and District leader. The accolades in the private sector include his role as a Fire District Board Member, and a retired police Sergeant. He and his wife Paula have two sons, one is an archeologist and the other is the president of Southern Sonoma Rotaract.

DG Wulff opened his speech letting us know that he considers all Rotarians family and rather than take credit for the leader role, he is here to educate, motivate and inspire all of us. He works for us.

The District has 6 counties and 46 Clubs. His role with Rotary International is as an officer charged with being a liaison for individual clubs.

Rotary needs to grow and this is a major task for clubs. DG Wulff can provide support to allow us to engage members and potential new members. We are a service club, so it makes great sense to invite potential new and younger members to our service projects.

He introduced the change to the rule that we must have meetings. The new rules allow for the club and its Board to create the meeting schedule that works best for the club. Attendance is no longer required to be 100%, however every Rotarian is expected to provide support at the 100% level.

We can express and show our value to our community through improved communication that tells Rotary’s story. Brag about what we do and attract new members. Our new Rotary pin is very clear with the word Rotary preceding the Rotary Cog. He asked that we start wearing the new pin.

Our Rotary Foundation started in 1917 with a $26.50 donation. Today the Foundation has more than $3 billion. The goal for this year is to raise more than $300 million. Ideally those dollars will be in part, other people’s money. Don’t hesitate to ask for a donation to the RI Foundation, where their dollars are beneficial to the world.

DG Wulff would like to see our club work on a peace project, which he has challenged all clubs within the district to create. As a former policeman, he is certain there can be an affect from our actions to promote peace. A peace garden with a plaque will attract understanding.

Share stories of Rotary. He shared a story of how he met an elderly woman while working on the Hands on Project to change light bulbs, which led to repairing drapes and illuminating her home. The woman was moved by his interaction and that she has light for the first time in 5 years. These feel good stories are what we need to spread to grow Rotary in our community.



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