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Dave Koch started our meeting with words of inspiration.

For our song, President Marc combined friendship and the spirit of youth around the holidays and had us do a video sing-a-long to theme from Toy Story: “You Got A Friend in Me.”

Visiting Rotarians included Kerry Rego from the Santa Rosa West Club.

Guest included David Kahn, President of the Windsor High Boosters, who shared an invitation for Rotary Members to take part in “Operation Turkey” — a program designed to give families in need all the items for a Holiday Meal.

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Allen Christenson introduced our Exchange Student, Vincent Larson. Together, Allen and Vincent recapped some of the wonderful adventures Vincent had during his first host-family stay with the Christiansen family. Vincent will be transitioning to his second host-family: John and Wendrea How.

Rotary Announcements —

Image 3 Dec 1 15Sandie Krutz

Wally and Sandie Krutz were announced as our December Rotarians of the Month.

President Marc got on his knees (literally) to thank them both for all the service they extend to the Club and the District — they are truly a dynamic duo of Superheroes. Sandie is connected to two important functions of the Club: Membership and Club Service. Wally is our Foundation Chair and organizing grounding-agent for all of President Marc’s ideas like the new CATS (Club Activity Task Sheet) system that is being used to define everything we do.

Foundation Chair, Wally Krutz, reminded us about the gems inside each issue of The Rotarian. The June 2015 issue featured a list of all the Rotary Fellowships — which are simply groups of Rotarians, Rotarians’ spouses, and Interactors who share a common interest, wich to further their vocational development, or would like to
make new friends, explore opportunities for service, and enhance their experience in Rotary. Fellowship groups cover topics A (Authors & Writers) to Y (Yachting) — we’re working on the “Z” category.

President Marc asked that members pass around the list of Rotary Fellowships Wally gave to each table and put a check-mark by all the Fellowships that each member shared an interest with — there were loads of check-marks! Go to page 51 of the June issue of The Rotarian to check out the weblinks to each Fellowship.


President Marc asked visiting Rotarian, Kerry Rego (a PR/promotions, and social media consultant, and teacher) a quick lesson in the new phenomenon #GivingTuesday — a global day of giving that counters the heavy commercialism of Black-Friday and Cyber-Monday. Observed on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.), #GivingTuesday harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity of people around the world to bring about real change in their communities; it provides a platform for them to encourage the donation of time, resources and talents to address local challenges.

Club Member News

Image 4 Dec 1 15

Leslie Lewis gave an update on E. Marie Coakley and the health of her husband, Floyd. Providing care and support for Floyd is a full-time job for Marie who misses being able to go out and about and attend our meetings. Leslie encouraged everyone to give Marie a call, stop by or take Marie and Floyd out for a meal. Diane Brabetz generously offered to provide respite relief for Marie from her At-Home Nursing service.

Club Event — Holiday Party on December 5th


Maureen Merrill reminded everyone about the Annual Holiday Party that will be taking place
in her home at 6:30 p.m. this Saturday (Dec 5th).

In addition to bringing an hors d’oeuvre to the Holiday Party, Club Members are also asked to bring items (gift cards are always work) to bring that can be gathered into a Silent Auction Basket to support the Middletown Rotary Club’s Annual Crab Feed/Auction that will be held on January 23, 2016. This is another chance for the Windsor Club to support the relief needs of the Valley Fire.

Thanks to Mike & Maureen for, once again, opening your beautiful home for another Windsor Rotary event!


Club Members shared fun experiences and special events in their lives that they are thankful with Give-Back-Bucks — where they make a donation to the Club, District or International programs.

Image 5 Dec 1 15

Larry Wasem shared a photo of his make-up meeting on November 6th half-way around the world at the Rotary Club of Thimphu (chartered in 2012) — the Kingdom of Bhutan’s only Rotary Club, which features only eight members, but half women. Larry had the trip to Nepal on his bucket-list. Larry was proud to make a contribution to his Paul Harris for the once-in-a-lifetime experience he shared with his wife, Carolyn.

Image 7 Dec 1 15

Tom Hassur sproudly waved a Give-Back green slip contribution towards the Community Foundation in honor of his December 1st Anniversary with his wife Brenda. Tom and Brenda get to continue celebrating on an upcoming trip to Europe and Germany where they will meet up with Leslie Lewis and her husband Nirmal for party at a Castle in Germany with Nirmal’s family.

Image 6 Dec 1 15

In the spirit of good-rivalry fun, Tom presented Leslie Lewis with a t-shirt which down-plays her team (49ers) and highlights his (Raiders). This could be a warring good time at the Castle! Leslie offered up a Give-Back green slip towards her fines.

Image 8 Dec 1 15

Bill Bolster had the lucky number to play the Slingshot Raffle Game. Bill wisely looked for youth in the room to improve his odds with the slingshot. He offered the challenge to our dining room server, Zach, who, if successful,
could split the $349 pot with our Youth Exchange son, Vincent. Alas, even youth was not lucky and the pot continues to grow.

Dec 1st Featured Program —

Image 9 Dec 1 15

Tom Boylan introduced our three guest presenters from the Healdsburg Hospital District

Nancy Schmidt — CEO for the Healdsburg District Hospital

Regina Novello — COO for the Healdsburg District Hospital

Jim Nantell — Board member for the Healdsburg District Hospital as well as the DeputyDirector of Parks & Recreation for Sonoma County.

Healdsburg District Hospital CEO, Nancy Schmid provided us with information on their research into what Windsor community healthcare needs are and what many of the town leaders perception of the hospital is.
We were told that the hospital had near 10% of the Windsor community go to the hospital in the past year for more than 8700 visits. We also learned that there are many in the leadership role that have Kaiser as their primary healthcare, and they didn’t realize that Kaiser patients are allowed to be treated for emergency situations at the Healdsburg District Hospital. Nancy introduced us to a whole list of insurers that the hospital works with, including Sutter Health.

Our members were told about the many services available through the hospital, from surgical centers to behavioral health clinics. We learned that the hospital has the only behavioral health clinic in Sonoma County and they work with a variety of issues that deal with psychotherapy, from addiction to depression and anger issues.

Another one of a kind service for Sonoma County is the Hyperbaric Wound Chamber, where patients are placed in a large cylinder, with clear glass sides, and then sealed so that pure oxygen can be pumped in to speed the healing process on deep wounds, such as diabetic sores.

The list of activities the hospital provides to Windsor through their community outreach is longer than most knew of. They are there when the Rotary operates Jack’s Bar manning the first aid tent, they are also reaching out through their partnership with Windsor Wellness to educate people n life saving options for better health.

The hospital presented goals for the new year including opening a primary care clinic, which would be able to provide additional services within the Windsor community, including behavioral Therapy.

The presentation was closed with an appeal from North Sonoma County Healthcare District board member Jim Nantell asking for our help in funding for an MRI machine, which the hospital is eager to have on a fulltime basis. For additional information on the hospital, its services, physicians and the MRI matching grant campaign, go to healdsburgdistricthospital.org

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