Bulletin 2/23/16

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Meeting Assignments:

Greeter……………………….Sandie Krutz

Raffle Tickets………………. John How & Steve Klick

Inspiration………………….. Craig Curreri

Song…………………………… Sandie Krutz

Closing Thought………….. M.J. Girard

Scribe……………………….. Susan Cole


Image 5 Feb 23 16


Opening of Meeting

Pledge by  Maureen Merrill

Inspiration by: Craig Curreri.  Craig is inspired by President Marc and all of the Past Presidents of the Rotary Club of Windsor.    Here is a list of all the Past Presidents in order of their service to our Club.

 Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 11.15.40 AM

Song by all the Club as we wished a Happy Birthday to Rotary on our 11th anniversary.



Visiting Rotarians

Pegi Ball introduced Tim Preston, Rotary Club of Healdsburg Sunrise, and one of our speakers today.

Visiting Guests

Doug Williams, Fire Chief, Central Fire Protection District

Marie Gannister, Windsor High School Culinary Arts Program, representing Windsor Service Alliance, and one of our speakers for today.

Patrick Llerena, new Pantry Manager of Windsor Service Alliance

Jade Shojaee, Sonoma West Publishers, for the Windsor Times

Vincent Larsen, Rotary Youth Exchange Student from Belgium

Image 7 Feb 23 16

Out-and-About with Vincent:  John and Wendrea How, along with Vincent, got a personal tour of the Channel 4 & 7 Television Studios by News Anchor, Dan Ashley!  Vincent said it was very impressive to be in the studio during taping.   The How’s took Vincent to a play in SFO:  “Foodies”, plus a visit to Bay Meadows, all in the same day.


Club News

February Rotarian of the Month: Maureen Merrill.  When Maureen does something, she is “all in”.  This past weekend she worked facilitating Board of Directors meeting for a client.  This is a new part of her business in addition to speech coaching. Maureen considers it a privilege to be a part of facilitating businesses in setting their future directions.


Dictionary Project — Special thanks to Craig Curreri for his ongoing coordination of this community project that ensures every 3rd grade student in Windsor receives their own dictionary.  This special project dates back to the start of the Club.  Craig and the volunteers handed out Dictionaries last Friday (Feb 19) at Windsor Creek Elementary and will be handing out the remaining dictionaries today (Feb 23) at Cali Calmecac Language Academy.  Craig reports that it is a magical sight to see kids treasuring their book, which in some cases can be the first book they have ever owned.   This project generates tremendous good will in our community.


Look who turned 111 years old: Rotary International celebrates its 111th birthday on Feb 23rd!

The Rotary image and message has changed to reflect new research from the marketing firm Seigel & Gale. If someone asks you, “What is Rotary all about?” you can reply confidently that:

“Rotary is a leadership organization. We’re made up of local business, professional, and civic leaders.  We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that, we’re able to get things done in the community.”   This is part of the new branding of Rotary, which consists of three elements:   1) Fellowship 2) Doing local works 3) Valuing our professions


We also know how to have fun which is exactly what we did last Saturday (Feb 20) for a bowling social. Special thanks to Sue Nelson for organizing such a fun event. There wes serious fun as well as several Club Members racked-up nice scores: Ed Turner (196), John Nelson (167) and Art Diaz (137).  Wardrobe, shoes, bags, bowling balls!  The photos told the story.   Following people stand and be recognized.  Ed Turner, 196, Grand Champion of the event!  Susan Cole awesome ribbon for bowling on a new hip!  Marc Elin receives two ribbons for being his entire team!   Rags has “The Greatest” ribbon.  John How needs award for “most improved”.   His ribbon says, “I try my best!”  Art Diaz and Vincent helped by bowling rounds with Pres Marc, who was sweating and exhausted.   Bowling is always on the table for our Club, since the Windsor Bowling Alley was the location of our first Club meetings.  Special thanks to our paparazzi gallery who watched the bowling and cheered everyone on.

Next activity is in March, enjoying a healthy hike outdoors.  Watch for news of this event coming soon.


Lobster Feed Updates, Saturday May 14th is our BIG DAY!

Silent Auction items to Jack Hyde

Sponsorship leads to Dennis Marks or Maureen Merrill

Bring a Harvest Fair winning wine or give John Hackenburg $20 and he will get one for you.  Building an instant wine cellar for the Live Auction

Bill Conklin talked about creative ways for Members to help top-off exciting Live Auction packages.    Need a wine country experience package to be created.  Check with Wilson Winery for destination/place to stay.  Watch for e-mails with lists of live auction items coming your way.

Marc introduced a display board where Members will be claiming their table for the event.  Four “Plates” are already claimed.

  •    Members can choose to be the party-host for a table of 8
  •    OR partner-up with another member and each find 4 guests for the event.
  •    Either way, our goal is to create a party atmosphere at each table!

How to buy tickets — Steve Klick gave us a view of the website, and claimed a table for himself.    Bill Bolster filled two tables, just last night.  Make sure to name your table and your guests know at whose table they are sitting.  Reach out in advance and let your guests know how fabulous this event is!

Leslie asked for a “share” link for Facebook, and Steve Klick is supplying it.


Recognition (Give-Back-Bucks)

Diane Brabetz —   President Marc read a note from Diane:

“Les & I leave for our house in Mexico in the am. Feb 10th is our 46th anniversary & we have some celebrating to do! I did want you to know that I am hiring both the girls (exchange students) for clerical help in my office so they can earn money for their year abroad. As a parent of our Club’s 1st exchange student, I realize how expensive this can be. This is my way of repaying those who helped our daughter, Melissa. Hopefully, they can sock away some money & be able to enjoy their year. They certainly will be helping us. We fly back on March 5th so I will send photos.”


Image 12 Feb 23 16

NEW Raffle Game features a simple task with a Lobster-theme twist!   $30 in pot, Doug Williams selected a partner, Bill Arnone, and they need to successfully stack 7 objects, while wearing lobster claws!  Time limits may need to be established.  The pot grows, since Bill and Doug were unable to build the structure with their red claws.


Our featured program

Discovering Windsor’s hidden gem that’s been serving those in need since 1990:  Windsor Service Alliance

A special Presentation by:

Tim Preston — Rotarian and President of the Windsor Service Alliance Board 

Speakers:  Marie Ganister and Tim Preston

 Image 13 Feb 23 16

Marie Ganister — WSA Board Member and WHS Culinary Teacher, representative of Windsor Service Alliance.   Always makes available PB&J sandwich fixings for sixteen years.

Tim Preston is President of Windsor Service Alliance Board and discussed Windsor’s Hidden Gem.  The state of hunger in Sonoma County is a hidden epidemic.  Not everyone is sharing in the prosperity of Sonoma County.  Goal of Service Alliance is to provide food to anyone in the Town of Windsor who has a need for food assistance.  Provides about 100 bags of groceries a week.  Over 7500 grocery carts filled with food given to our residents each year.    Also offer a one-time utility bill voucher to get people’s power turned back on.  Also provide gas vouchers to people who are stranded in Windsor and can’t afford gas.   This service fills Tim’s heart with joy.

Marie talked about the partnership with Windsor High School, which has gone on for over 16 years.  Canned food drives such as this year which filled the library with thousands of cans of food for the Windsor Service Alliance.  Marie put up quotes and photos from Windsor High students who all said how uplifting and joyful doing these projects were for them.  She also introduced us to the “Bridge Core” which has children with special needs working the garden and preparing bags of groceries.   The Bridge Core also tends the Windsor Community Garden all year.

Smile.amazon.com website donates 5% of your purchases to the charity of your choice.  Must sign on with the word “smile.amazon.com”.


Closing Thought:  MJ Girard read in the latest Rotarian magazine what the new President Elect would say if he could have a personal conversation with every Rotarian:  “Thank you for what you have done, what you are now doing, thank you for what you will do.  Invite another person to become a Rotarian.”

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