To build a community of active professionals who are passionate about service and global citizenship.


  • Ethical Standards
  • Fun and Friendship
  • Inclusion and Diversity
  • Personal Growth
  • Leadership


The Rotary Club of Windsor is a service-oriented club for people who consider themselves young at heart. The professionals that make up Windsor Rotary membership are passionate about serving their local, national, and international communities. In Rotary language, Windsor Rotary members put Service Above Self.

Windsor Rotary members participate in service projects in the Windsor area, as well as internationally, based on the interest of members. Examples of service projects include Garden of Scholars at Cali Calmécac School, Green House at Windsor Creek Elementary School, and the Windsor Skate Park.

Rotary also offers its members the opportunity to travel to foreign countries. By teaming up with local Rotary clubs in a particular foreign country, Windsor Rotary is able to leverage its resources and provide essential services to individuals in that community. For example, past Rotarians have improved orphanages and women’s shelters in Mexico and Guatamala, assisted in micro-lending for small businesses, and worked in health clinics to distribute Polio vaccinations.