Bulletin 10/20/15

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Meeting began with the Flag Salute led by Ken Moulton who stayed on task and offered inspiration through a story of his involvement in providing polio drops to a 7-week child.

Ken’s story was timely in that October 24th is World Polio Day.


Bill Arnone and Dave Koch worked together to lead us in a spirited singing of “My Country Tis of Thee”


Visiting Rotarians included Roger Olson from the Healdsburg Club.

Guest included Margaret Campbell who is hoping to become a Rotarian in the classification of college professor.


Allen Christenson introduced our Exchange Student, Vincent Larson, who then told us of his adventure with Allen’s family to Orlando Florida and Disneyworld. He then returned and spent a day in San Francisco with Renee Hyde and the Exchange Student crew.

Rotary Youth —

Bill Bolster reported on the interview and selection process for our next Rotary Outbound student, Mina Figueroa. (2016-2017), who will be introduced at our November 3rd meeting.

Kurt Mitchler went to St Charles, just outside of Chicago, and had a chance to sit in and exchanged flags with the a club in District 6440.


Club Members shared fun experiences and special events in their lives that they are thankful with Give-Back-Bucks — where they make a donation to the Club, District or International programs.


 Pegi Ball is thankful for her involvement with Youth Exchange. Last weekend she spent time with a past exchange student who is now 34 and a designer in Copenhagen.

John Hackenburg went to Italy for a first time and appreciates Jean for putting up with military stand by and went first class on the trip home… just outside of the cockpit.

Wally Kurtz announced we received a grant called Market Match. Pegi Ball gave a little more info. Her role as Santa Rosa Farmers Market gave her insight to a need. People coming to the market can use a food stamp to eat better foods. The grant will allow a matching dollar to stretch the dollars of those who are on a limited income. Wally says there is room for a few volunteers to get involved. Ask him how you can help.

Announcements —


District Event — Foundation Chair, Wally Krutz, reminded us to save the date for the Monster Bash Foundation Dinner on Saturday, October 24th — wear a costume… preferably a super hero costume!


Steve Jorgensen had the lucky number to play the Slingshot Raffle Game. Steve had the power and precision as he nearly succeeded in knocking down all the cups that spell “CANCER.” The pot now grows to well over $100.


Rotary is a leadership organization —

President Marc played a video that inspired us to be a leader and reach out to make the difference in someone’s life. The giving of a lollipop in the video story became symbolic of expressing gratitude towards another — Marc encouraged us to do the same by taking one of the lollipops placed on the tables.

Superhero Mission Reports — There is no truth to the rumor that people didn’t show up because they hadn’t done their homework… which is actually a fun task rather than a chore.

Mission accomplished… Marc went on and shared how casual the lunch meetings were. He asked that we go back to the conversation that took place during lunch.


 Leslie Lewis and Ken Moulton were asked to take the lead. It turns out they never went to lunch, but had the history of dining and sharing, which allowed them to talk about each other.

Leslie spent time in India and was extremely pleased to see that Ken decided to wear a sari when he returned from India, or was that Pam.

Ken shared a connection with the start of the Boys & Girls Club in Windsor. He and Leslie built a relationship based on their mutual desire to build the B&G club. They decided to go to lunch together. The story will continue.


 Next we learned of the lunch talk between Allen Christenson and Leah Hansen, along with a chaperone.

Allen shared that he was a professional hitman (drummer) and went on to play professionally in the Bay Area as an orchestra member, Stan Kenton, Yo Yo Ma, and many more. Leah shared how shy Allan is, regardless of how extroverted he may appear. He works through this with his work with youth.

Leah has multiple super heroes, including a female Capt. Marvel. Able to tackle much and deflect what needs to be deflected. Great roll for working in the financial world. Chose to turn away from the CPA, because it would have meant one step back to go forward, but at the time, she opted to not reduce her finances to make the title official.

Dennis Marks offered a closing remark, reminding us what the purpose of today’s meeting is — Teamwork is a driving force… Carnegie speak.




Next Week’s Meeting (Oct 27th)

Windsor Rotarians continue to be in the spotlight in a relaxed mode as they share insights about themselves and their superhero lunch partners. You’ll be surprised what you learn.




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