Bulletin 10/6/15

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Meeting began with the Flag Salute led by George Johnston.

Image 1 Oct 6 15

John Horton provided the inspiration for the day.

It was only fitting that our song for the day was “Happy Birthday” in honor of our server, Zack Uchytil, who was celebrating his birthday that very day!

Guests of Rotarians…

John How introduced our “Son” from Belgium , Vincent Larcin.

We learned that Vincent is preparing to leave on another fun adventure with Allen & Dawn Christenson — this time to Miami, Florida!

Laura Bueler introduced Tim O’Conner from Exchange bank.


 October Rotarian of the Month is Steve Klick for high-tech talents and hands-on spirit in everything we do!

While still standing, President Marc announced that the Nomination Committee had put forward Steve Klick as the President-Elect-Nominee for 2017-18.

The news of Steve’s nomination was received with loud applause! The Annual Meeting on November 3rd will include our voting for a new President-Elect-Nominee.

 Nominations of other Club Members to be considered for President-Elect-Nominee will be accepted  during the month of October.

Image 3 Oct 6 15

Club Member in the News…Diane Brabetz

Diane Brabetz was one of the featured businesses in the “Women in Business” articles in the Windsor Times et al.    “I was very excited with the article and photo and have already received a new client because of it!” exclaimed Diane, who happily submitted a Give-Back-Bucks green slip as a way of expressing thanks with a donation to Polio Plus.

Club News & Announcements —

Image 4 Oct 6 15

MJ Girard announced selling Polio T-Shirts promoting National Polio Day October 24th,  Nigeria has been declared Polio free, only countries left are: Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Image 5 Oct 6 15

Maureen Merrill shared how the news of Wally and Sandie personally traveling to the Calistoga Rotary Club to deliver our relief fund check for $3,200 for the Lake Fire Fund was deeply appreciated and talked about by the Calistoga & Lake County Rotary Clubs. Thank you Wally & Sandie — you represented us well!

Image 6 Oct 6 15

The Rotary Club of Windsor was acknowledged in the Sunday Press Democrat as a co-sponsor of the Wine & Bites Fundraiser at the Jet Center.   The fundraiser needed a nonprofit with a 5013c in order to hold the fundraise, Ed Turner was able to put things together for them to help create a successful fundraiser for the Lake County fire Fund. Ed and Allen Christenson also assisted with tracking all the numbers brought in at the event.

Foundation Chair, Wally Krutz, reminded us to save the date for the Monster Bash Foundation Dinner — Saturday, October 24th at Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park. Buying Raffle Tickets and offering a raffle prize are two ways to help make the event a success.

Image 7 Oct 6 15

Club Event — President-Elect, John LeCave, announced that the Wine Raffle Fundraiser is on aim with Cupid for February 2016 — creative ideas to be developed at the October

Board & Leadership Meeting taking place at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 8th at Windsor High (President Marc’s home-away-from home).

Complete details to be revealed at the October 20th meeting.

NEW Raffle Game…

Image 8 Oct 6 15

President Marc offered the Club a choice in the Raffle Skills Game: Go back to the challenge of the slingshot game or opt for something a bit easier.

The club decided to stay with the Slingshot Game where you have to knock-down all the cups that spell “CANCER.”  MJ Girard had the lucky ticket and reminded everyone why they like the game — it’s fun to watch and hard to win, which means the pot gets large as MJ failed to knock all the cups down.

Upcoming Club Presentations —

President Marc reminded Club Members about their Superhero Mission Reports and shared photos of Club Members enjoying a lunch and laughs…but don’t forget the questions to ask one another on the assignment sheet.  Superhero Dynamic Duos will begin presenting each other at the October 20th and 27th meetings — a new version of Craft Talks.

Image 9 Oct 6 15

Sue Nelson introduced the conversation she would be constructing with Adelle Stoll, who is, among other things, a Designer, Manufacturer, Retailer, and Windsor business owner.

Adelle Stoll owns and operates a shop on the Town Green in Windsor, Adelle grew up in Sebastopol, both her parents were entrepreneurs and encouraged Adelle to be true to who she was.  Adelle loved to travel, for several years she would work for 9 months and travel for 3 months.  During her travels she recognized the shift away from things being made in their country.  She was influenced by styles in other countries and thru her travels found her own style.  Adelle first worked in retail stores, she designed the retail store front windows and eventually several restaurants, including Willies and The Orchard Inn.

Adelle started her own business selling local hand crafted items, this triggered her wanting to get back to creating her own design. She now has a store in Windsor where she creates and sells her own unsewn handbags as well as other local artisans hand crafted items. She is currently talking with Becoming Independent and the possibility of their clients becoming employees for Adelle.  Her husband works with her in the shop as well as at home raising their three children, that also lend a hand with the business.

Adelle is excited to have a Life style brand business that is getting its start in Windsor, a Town she  supports  and has the enthusiasm to promote.  Her next goal is to purchase additional material, equipment, and work force , and create an online store.

Image 10 Oct 6 15

Allen Christenson and Leslie Lewis sprung at the chance to model the high quality crafted purse and messenger bag designs

Next Week’s Meeting (Oct 13th)


Remember lifting the hood of your first car with a wrench gripped in confidence?

Our October 13th speaker, Hari Dhaliwal, reminds us how complex life has become as he works training new generations of automotive technicians as an instructor in Auto Mechanics and owner of Drive Rite Automotive Services, Windsor.

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