Bulletin 1/12/16

Posted By Jake Fowler

Flag Salute:

Performed even better than expected thanks to MJ Girard’s explanation about where the comma goes.


Tom Hassur inspired us with some words from David Bowie and Abraham Lincoln

Guests of Rotarians:

Tom Hassur introduced Alison Batchelder, our returning exchange student, and her father Cameron Batchelder.

Visiting Rotarians:

E. Marie Coakley introduced PDG Bruce Campbell

Michael Ragsdale introduced himself

Bill Conklin introduced Roger Olson

John How introduced Warriors fan, Vincent Larson

Rotarian of the month:

Image 2 Jan 12 16

Allan Christenson… bragged about his new alarm, that reminds him of his youth when wake boarding was possible.

Please check the club website for the list of meeting assignments…

If you can’t do it, please find someone else.


Thursday is a Windsor Rotary Board and creative team meeting…  5:30 at the High School.


The pot has grown and the ticket winner is… 347 or Art Diaz… President Marc introduced a new toy… A ping pong automatic weapon… The pot is over $500 and the pot thickens.

Returning Exchange Student:

Image 7 Jan 12 16

Alison Batchelder made a return visit to show the slides she wasn’t able to share last week.

Allison gave us an introduction to her year in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. She was happy to have had an opportunity to be in the city, which was easy to navigate. The language classes provided by Rotary helped her to learn German, which she can now dream in that language.

Her travels were made even greater when Rotary provided her with a travel card that allowed her to travel on any public transportation both within country and surrounding countries. She shared a vista of images taken during her travels, including the Swiss countryside from mountains to valleys. She was especially moved by her visit to the UN building in Geneva, where her past with Cali Calmec and their Mock UN program gave her a deeper appreciation for the work done there.

According to Alie, the exchange program is instrumental to world peace. If only we could have every student make the exchange. Alie has a lifetime of adventure and touring ahead and Rotary is the impetus for her newfound desire.


Image 3 Jan 12 16

Maureen Merrill took the floor to talk about the club survey. Most members want to be involved with promotion, followed by presentations, with the least interest in social media.

The most popular club event was social activity, followed by community service. There is a list of activities which would provide ideas for future events and planned activities.

Color me blue:

The club was paired off to sit with like interests, based on interests marked on the survey. Discussions ensued and the ways of the world were changed, one table at a time.

Closing thought:

Image 6 Jan 12 16

Daniel Myers… Keeping the David Bowie memorial alive…

I don’t know where I am going, but it won’t be boring.”

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