Bulletin 1/19/16

Posted By Jake Fowler

Flag Salute:

Glenda Sales


Tom Boylan stood in for Pegi Ball and offered a line from Glen Frey, Eagles member who passed away. “Take it easy, take it easy.”


Allen Christenson gave us a memorable;e song that included the word “pot.” Happy Days are here again.

Image 3 Jan 19 16

Visiting Rotarians:

Carl Wiuff introduced Charles Dice

Image 11 Jan 19 16

Guests of Rotarians: 

Leah Hansen introduced Marty Snider

Glenda Sales introduced Sergio Sales

Rotarian of the Month:

Allen Christenson is the man most likely to move into Ed Turner’s role… Ed seemed as surprised as Alan. Alan’s commitment to the club is visible in all he does… even his song leading.

Pres Marc reminded us of the survey results we gathered with at last week’s meeting. He introduced Sandie Krutz who then shared that every 3rd week we would be holding some form of social. Keep tuned.

Image 4 Jan 19 16

We are talking about the Lobster Feed, Saturday, May 14th at Windsor Golf Club.

Ed Turner promoted the raffle prizes and asks that we make an effort to lock in items as soon as possible.

Dennis Wilkenson has a guitar signed by Journey, Diane Brabitz suggests we look for airfare to enhance the availability of a home away from home.

We will be promoting tables of 8 for the Lobster Feed. Now is the time to either lock in your table, or partner with another Rotarian to take over a table.

Steve Klick wants all tickets will be sold through the website. Paper tickets are out, but the information gathering available through the website will give us a database for the future.

Image 7 Jan 19 16

Don’t wait too long to lock in your table… Can you say, “Sold Out!”  There are only 48 tables with 8 per.  Consider becoming a sponsor for the best seat in the house.

President Marc introduced how well the new CATS program is working. The leadership of the club is strongest when we identify the strengths of our members. We had 87% of our members respond to the recent survey and it is an outline of where we could grow and what interests we want to pursue as a club.

Last week’s board meeting seemed a long time ago for Ken Moulton. He reported that the club is gearing up to improve club social activities, including hands on projects.

Image 9 Jan 19 16

President Marc is hoping to see the club start a mentoring program, to share the depth of interest for the many aspects of Rotary.

Giving thanks:

Pres Marc shared a special anniversary stay in SF looking over the action at the SF Airport.

Michael Juric has become the Superintendent for Human Resources in Sonoma County.

Image 10 Jan 19 16

Carl Wiuff was reminded he had a birthday. He spent it somewhere warm.

Steve Klick celebrated his birthday with three generations of family.

Allen Christenson celebrated his 37th anniversary. Dawn is the perfect spouse who offered to play golf for their anniversary.


Dave Koch would like to think he is lucky to have the winning ticket… He chose the ping pong automatic weapon with 10 rounds. It seems I ought to just write… And the pot thickens.

Image 12 Jan 19 16


Food for thought came via a Ted Talk by Columnist David Brooks, who asks should you live for your resume or your eulogy. Try this link to repeat the performance:

A second Ted talk introduced us to what makes success with Richard St John. Here is an extended presentation by an interesting speaker.

Closing thought provided by Pres Marc:

What would be on your tombstone… “You were a gift to the World. The little things we do in our community are the things that make up our gift to the World.”

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