Bulletin 1/5/16

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Flag Salute:

Allen Christenson


Michael Juric shared several inspiring quotes based on New Year’s resolutions, concluding with Goran Person’s “Let our New Year’s resolution be this: we will be there for one another as fellow members of humanity, in the finest sense of the word.”

Image 1 Jan 5 16


Bill Arnone… He can see clearly now…

Guests of Rotarians:

  • Chris Landwher introduced a past Windsor Rotary member and current Town of Windsor Mayor, Mark Millan
  • Sue Nelson introduced Julie Stern, Principle of Windsor Creek School
  • Sandy Krutz introduced Sue McGuidy and Mark Batchelder, parents of our returning exchange student, Allison Batchelder
  • Glenda Sales introduced herself, because she can

Image 3 Jan 5 16

  • John How introduced Vincent Larson, and Wendy How
  • Bill Bolster introduced our outbound student: Nina Figaro outbound student
  • Renee Hyde 2014-15 outbound Allison Batchelder
  • Warin Parker introduced Marie Gannister of Windsor High, Victoria Carrillo, and Victoria’s parents Ruben & Rachel Carillo.
  • Joan Mora introduced her daughter Kayla, who told us the library she had spoken to the club about in the past has now become a reality at the school where she teaches.
  • Leigh Maddux introduced Brianna Stern the president of Windsor High Interact Club

Rotarian of the month: Alan Christenson… All fun – always committed.

Holiday dinner at Bell Manor: Pegi Ball took a round of applause for once again taking care of the Bell Manor Christmas dinner. Many club members were on hand to help.

Chris Landwher says Check your email for meeting assignments… If you can’t do it, please find someone else.

Next week the results for the Club research survey… Who done it? Jim Ruppert!

Today’s pot is over $400 and the ticket winner is …160 Dave Koch to try and knock out cancer… And the pot thickens.

Student of the month:

Victoria Carrillo was introduced by Marie Gannister, Culinary Vineyard Core instructor. (A quick note that Victoria was one of three Windsor Cheerleaders marching in London’s New Year’s Eve parade.) According to Marie, Victoria was the only choice for the honor by all the instructors in her circle.

Image 8 Jan 5 16

Victoria shared her joys for Windsor, her parents and the people she has been exposed to through her core program. Her parents shared they are proud of how caring Victoria is and her eagerness to be involved with community service projects.

Windsor Rotary Interact:

Brianna’s mom introduced her daughter and boasted of Brianna’s drive to head the Interact and her commitment to Rotary.

Brianna presented a mid-year report for the Interact club. They have been busy with toy drives and canned food drives. Collecting, and distributing. She and her team are looking forward to challenges for the spring, including trying to raise the dollars for a Shelter Box to house a family in need of housing. She is also excited about working at the May Lobster Feed. Her Interact club is building a website to explain what the Interact program is and what they are doing in the club.

Our Club Exchange Student:

Vincent then took the podium to introduce us to his home in Belgium. We were informed of the country’ stats, including their population of 11 million people speaking as many as three languages; French, Dutch and German. We learned about the great revolution of 1830 and the beginnings of the country. We also learned they claim more than waffles in the culinary world, beer and fries are their creation and gift to the world.

Image 12 Jan 5 16

His home area is noted as the cradle of industrialization. Persons of note from the area include Vincent Van Gogh. He pointed out an interesting change for a once major coal mine. It has been covered to a science museum. Very interesting materials From a young man who speaks fluently both English and French… He says his Dutch is rusty.

Returning Exchange Student:

Allison Batchelder introduced her parents who then spoke about their pride for her and their appreciation for the experience that Rotary gave her.

Allison gave us an introduction to her year in Bern, the capital of Switzerland. She was happy to have had an opportunity to be in the city, which was easy to navigate. The language classes provided by Rotary helped her to learn German, which she can now dream in that language.

Her travels were made even greater when Rotary provided her with a transit card that allowed her to travel on any public transportation both within country and surrounding countries. She shared a vista of images taken during her travels, including the Swiss countryside from mountains to valleys.

Today’s program shows the importance of Rotary for building a better understanding of cultures. Our youth become ambassadors of the US and Rotary and when they return they have a newfound understanding of the way the world thinks and the importance of being open to new thoughts.

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