Bulletin 2/9/16

Posted By Jake Fowler

Mina Figaroa lead the flag salute.

George Johnstonn shared a quote from Robert Louis Stevenson about friendship.

Allen Christenson lead us in a complicated song.

Leslie Griswold was this week’s scribe.

Bill Arnnnone introduced visiting Rotarian Mike Merrill.

John Howee introduced Rotary Son Vincent Larson and shared a photo of Vincent at Alcatraz.

Image 1 Feb 9 16

Maureenn Merrill introduced our speaker Samy Nouchy.

Sue Nelson remind everyone about the Rotary bowling social:

Join the members of the Rotary Club of Windsor for bowling from 4:00-5:00 PM

Bowling will be a blast, but you do not need to bowl this is a social event for our club, so please join us regardless of whether you intend to bowl.  Nothing to bring but there will be no-host snacks and drinks.

No matter what your plans are for Saturday evening, February 20th, start your night with Windsor Rotary at the Windsor Bowling Center on Conde Lane!

There will be a charge of $10 per bowler.

Steve Kliclk spoke about meeting someone from the non-profit Daily Acts.  He will keep us posted on whether we will be able to work with them.

Jack Hyde is looking for Silent Auction items for the May 14th Lobster Feed.

John Hackenbergg talked about the wines for the Wine Cellar for the Lobster Feed.  You can purchase a Gold Medal winning wine and bring it to John, or bring him $20 and he will use his connections to purchase wine at a discount.

Image 4 Feb 9 16

Dennis Wilkinson – wearing a Broncos jersey and playing “We are the Champions” on his phone — gave thanks for the Super Bowl win.

Michael Juric and Maureen Merrill are participating in Dancing with the Stars & Stripes, a fundraiser for Veterans: http://www.dancingwiththestarsandstripes.org/

Image 6 Feb 9 16

Art’s ticket for the pot was pulled and he generously gave it to Mina who won the $724!  We staring over with a new game next week.

Image 8 Feb 9 16

Our speaker was Samy Nouchy from France.  He’s an intern at the Sonoma County Convention & Visitors Bureau.

He started by speaking about some of the key differences he sees between the US and France.

Doggie bags, that’s not a thing in France.

Eating dinner at 6pm (or 7pm or 8pm), that’s not a thing in France.  Dinner in France is more likely to start around 9pm and continue past 11pm.

Halloween, in France it’s something for children.  After spending Halloween in San Francisco, he realized it’s a big deal for all ages in the US.

Samy was also surprised by our patriotism.  The only time he remembers the French national anthem being sung was after the terror attacks in November.

In France wine is very established and unchanging.  In the US, winemakers are innovative and into marketing.

Our closing was a quote by Phyllis Diller:

Never go to bed mad, stay up and fight  😉

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