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February 16th Rotary Meeting

Meeting Assignments:

Raffle Tickets……….John Hackenburg+Koch

Inspiration……..……Anna Smith

Image 1 Feb 16 16

Song………………..….Sandie Krutz

Closing Thought….Wally Krutz

Scribe………………….Susan Cole


Opening of Meeting

Pledge by Michael Ragsdale

Inspiration by: Anna Smith

Song by Sandie Krutz, “Oh What A Beautiful Morning” with the song introduction of the Oklahoma opening lyrics, which people generally forget.  Nice job, Sandie.

Big thanks to Sandie stepping in with a song as Marc was going to have us

sing the Name Game with Lincoln and George in honor of Presidents Day.  It is almost certain that this would have been a failure.

Image 2 Feb 16 16



No Visiting Rotarians today

Visiting Guests…

Leah Hansen introduced Mari Snyder, Retired PG&E Attorney

President Marc introduced his wife, our first lady, Diane Elin

Maureen offers inspiration to President Marc for doing so many fun things with her husband.  Maureen and Mike, along with Steve and JoAnn Jorgensen, attended the Windsor Educational Foundation dinner in real ‘70’s garb.

Image 3 Feb 16 16


In the News…Extreme Food

Caffeine Bracelets

Army develops pizza with 3-year shelf life (Mmmmm?!)



Rotary Moment (EREY)

In honor of President’s Day (Feb 15th), Marc asked Club Members to bring a few Presidents with them to the February 16th meeting and offer them up as another EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) opportunity.

Marc reminded the Club of the key areas that EREY contributions are linked to and no matter the size of contribution, that collectively we help in a big way to Rotary’s efforts worldwide.

  • Peace & Conflict Prevention/Resolution
  • Disease Prevention & Treatment
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Maternal & Child Health
  • Basic Education & Literacy
  • Economic & Community Development

Club Members were asked to send their Presidential friends onto a greater fight by sealing a few in envelopes on the table to and write their name on the envelope so they could be recorded as an EREY member for 2015-16.

John Hackenberg talked about why he is moved by international projects on Festival of Brotherhood in Mexico.  John has attended 5 or 6 FOB’s, plus has been to Africa twice working on Adopt A Village.

President Marc discussed International ideas brought up at most recent Board meeting.   Ken Moulton talked about our Club’s relationship with Mexico and Festival of Brotherhood for almost 18 years.  We’re very proud of the work done under the auspices of FOB – schools, orphanages, clinics and much more.  With some leadership challenges in Mexico, the loss of FOB has Left a void in international for our club.  Struggle is to reignite the energy of FOB in some other way.  We are seeking projects to work with in international.  We could do a direct donation, revisiting projects we have done, such as a water project, summarized by Past President Tom Hassur.  PDG Maureen Merrill talked about the many times she has visited international projects in Vietnam, India, Africa and Mexico.

Image 6 Feb 16 16

Wally Krutz is our Rotary Foundation Chair, and deserves the applause that he received for all the work he does toward Foundation.  EREY stands for “Every Rotarian Every Year”.


Club News

Rotary Social this Saturday (Feb 20) from 4:00-5:00 p.m. at Windsor Bowling Center

Our “Start Your Saturday Night” with Windsor Rotary at the Bowling Center on February 20th  looks like it will be well-attended.  We have almost 28 bowlers and about another dozen “spectators” signed up, for a total of about 40.

Sue Nelson has met with the staff at the Bowling Center and have made a deposit to reserve a total of six lanes for one hour (4:00 to 5:00).  If we end up with more bowlers, we can shift from teams of four to teams of up to six, or possibly even secure additional lanes, as necessary.

Being at the Windsor Bowling Alley reflects back to the roots of Windsor Rotary, where the Club met when it was chartered.


Lobster Feed Updates

Silent Auction items to Jack Hyde.   Three in hand now – only 97 to go!  Let’s not leave it till the end.   Let’s change our habits from the past!

Sponsorship leads to Dennis Marks or Maureen Merrill

Bring a Harvest Fair winning wine or give John Hackenburg $20 and he will get one for you.  Wine is now coming in.  Find Harvest Fair winning wines and bring them to John.

Marc flashed a surprise preview on an upcoming Club Activity:

Claim your party table for the event! Members can choose to be the party-host for a table of 8 OR partner-up with another member and each find 4 guests for the event. Either way, our goal is to create a party atmosphere at each table!

How to buy tickets — Steve Klick gave us a view of the website.  Round of applause for all the work Steve Klick has done on our website.  Order tickets for the Lobster Feed on line!!   Super easy.  Steve is already working on his second table for the Lobster Feed!  More applause!

Image 11 Feb 16 16


Recognition (Give-Back-Bucks)

Tim O’Connor — had a scare last week… (wife and child hit by car as pedestrians — no major injuries

Mary Homes (Tom Holmes) B-day was on Feb 4th.  Was it his wife’s 81st birthday?   Or is she 18?   Went to the casino and donated some money.  They both agree that they don’t do much birthday celebration.

Ed Turner – on Thursday, Feb. 11, Ed and Louise became grandparents for the first time!  Ava Louise was 9 lb, 4 oz, 21 inches.  Ed donated $100 to the WRCF and passed around the hat to start a savings account for Ava,  matched by the new Grandparents, in memory of John Lewis, who started the tradition.

Image 14 Feb 16 16

Sue Nelson — where did you go this past weekend? (Sea Ranch — for her B-day) Feb 12th.  It was a Social Security kind of birthday.

Steve Klick — Adding one more hat to wear (appointed to Windsor Planning Commission by Mark Milan)

Mapi’s B-day is TODAY!  Going to lunch today.  Saturday is a big party with a few surprises for Mapi.

Other worthwhile events in Windsor — WE (Windsor Education) Foundation Disco event last Saturday (Feb 13) was attended by Club Members Steve & JoAnn Jorgensen and Maureen & Mike MerrillSteve got extra-credit points for digging deep into the closet  for some true 70’s attire!

Dennis Marks reminded us about “Pay Forward” day and he made a donation to polio eradication.

 MJ Girard reminded us of Flint, Michigan needs for fresh water.  Water system in Flint is contaminated with lead poisoning and children are suffering.   MJ suggests we send a letter and offer some support.  Maureen Merrill says there is a Rotary Club in Flint and they are on the project.

NEW Raffle Game was unveiled…bowling!

A nice reminder to the Saturday (Feb 20th) event at the Windsor Bowling Center.

Mina, our outbound exchange student, won the pot last week.  Today it is $49.  Zack selected the ticket, and Sue Nelson’s ticket was drawn.   President Marc created a new bowling game!  Two tries to pick up the spare, which she did successfully!


Image 16 Feb 16 16

Sue Nelson and John LeCave, Super Heroes, talked about their lunch together, where they mostly discussed Rotary.

John summarized his family, his life, and the fact that he is President-Elect.  John is actually a CPA – spent 5 years in public accounting, but decided against pursuing that as a career.   So he became a mortgage broker.  Says that the years after 50 are the best of his life.   John and Donna are attending the Rotary International Convention this year in Seoul, Korea, followed by travel to Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand.

Sue Nelson is a charter member of our Rotary Club, 30 years strong.   Retired from Brelje & Race almost 10 years ago.   Doing a lot of photography now.    Donates services to non-profits, and shares photography with close friends.  Spent this weekend in Sea Ranch for her birthday.


Closing thoughts for the day were by Wally Krutz:  Abraham Lincoln and George Washington

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