Bulletin 5/3/16

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President Marc led us in the Flag Salute

Allen Christenson: “California Here I Come” we didn’t quite have the Al Jolson sound but we made it through.

Image 2 May 3 16

Inspiration: Dick Bishop, my two favorites: “Eye for an Eye makes a whole world blind” Gandhi,  and “Logic will get you from A-B, Imagination will get you everywhere”

Visiting Rotarians:   Denny Willeck from Reynoldsburg, Ackerington, Oh.

Ted Colbert from the Rotary Club of Healdsburg

Guests: Priscilla Ledezma, (Student of the month) her parents: Denise & Salvador & teacher Mr. Kaufmann.

Our Son from Belgium: Vincent Larcin and his host mom Sue O’Connor.

Student of the Month:  Pricilla Ledezma, Humanities Core: was introduced by her teacher Mr. Kaufmann, he described Pricilla as Bright, articulate and caring. For her senior project, she has been working with a Immigration Civil Rights Group in SF where she translated documents and worked directly with immigrates.  Priscilla recently completed her thesis on “Exploring First Ladies in America”.   Priscilla has applied to Seattle University and plans to study journalism, she is interested in either Political or Correspondence journalism.  Her role model is Barbara Walters.

Image 3 May 3 16

Scholarships were awarded last week at Windsor High School, but what wasn’t mentioned is that Warin Parker, who has been a big part of this program for over 10 years, contributed $500.00 to reach the goal of awarding 18 scholarships & $14,000.00 for 2016.  THANK YOU WARIN!

April Rotarian of the Month:  Leigh Mateas

May 5th Cinco De Mayo on the town green, Jack Hyde, Sue Nelson, John LeCave, Dennis Marks, Leigh Mateas, & Steve Klick, were all busy serving Margarita’s.  A warm up for our Summer Margarita booth

May 19th, 5:30-7:30pm: Special Club Social at Paul Mahder Gallery in Healdsburg, 222 Healdsburg Ave. Healdsburg.    Exhibit “With No Place to Call Home: Perspective On Homelessness” is also open to the public, May 14-16th.  Photographers; our own Sue Nelson, Pam Moulton & Gail GinderPam Moulton wrote a great article on the project that is featured in the Gazette.  Pegi has copies if you cannot find one.

Rotary Cares….4 way Club Program:  George Lawson of Healdsburg Sunrise club put together a 4 club project with: Cloverdale, Healdsburg Sunrise, Healdsburg, & Windsor Clubs to form “Wonder League” to create a point of service to children and their Families with Special Needs.  Art Diaz & Marc Elin of our club have been meeting with the other clubs members to work on this project.  They are looking to create a program to provide activities for the children, while providing respite and information to the family members.  There is currently a program at Sonoma State, “Saturday Side Kicks” they are using as a model.  Great Project!

Raffle: Our newest member Jason Black had the winning ticket and he choose his sponsor Daniel Meyers to be his partner to try to build the tower of blocks, to no avail, the pot grows on.

Lobster Feed:   used the remainder of the meeting to update details of our Fundraiser,    Tom Hassur, true to form, has done a fantastic job leading our efforts.  We are in the last stretch, still need some silent auction items, Jack has 60 but 100 would be great, but not the day of please!    We still have tickets available and would love to sell out!

Image 12 May 3 16

Saturday May 14th 9am:  ALL HANDS ON DECK FOR SET UP!   This is going to be a Great Event!


Image 11 May 3 16

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