Bulletin 10/13/15

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Meeting began with the Flag Salute led by Bill Bolster.

Renee Hyde provided the inspiration for the day.

To help get us connected to the meeting’s featured presentation on vocation and industry, Bev Graham led us in a spirited singing of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.”

Visiting Rotarians: None

Guests of Rotarians:

Steve Klick introduced Hari Dhaliwal (our featured speaker). Tom Boylan reintroduced Margaret Campbell (College Professor), and Maureen Merrill introduced Tim O’Connell (manager of Windsor Exchange Bank), Claudia Llerandi, and Jessica Pollete.

October Rotarian of the Month is Steve Klick

Steve is being honored for his high-tech talents and hands-on spirit in everything we do!

He has also been selected by the Nominating Committee for President-Elect-Nominee for 2017-18!

Interact Club

Image 3 Oct 13 15


Lee Mateas gave an interact report “where the girls are” teaching high school kids what Rotary does and what Polio  means.


Club Members shared fun experiences and special events in their lives that they are thankful with Give-Back-Bucks — where they make a donation to the Club, District or International programs.

Image 5 Oct 13 15

Tom Boylan shared a moving conversation with the academic counselor at our partner school, Windsor Oaks Academy about the need for some students to find the fastest exit to high school so they can move forward with their next step in life. Age 16 is the first high school exit opportunity when a student can take the California High School Proficiency Exam (CAHSPE). The test comes at a cost that some students/families cannot afford. Tom gave a generous donation to provide a scholarship for students needing to take the CAHSPE but are short on funds. Extra big thanks to Tom who said he plans to make a scholarship donation each year!

Image 1 Oct 13 15

Image 2 Oct 13 15

Travelers — Ken Moulton shared fond memories of a recent trip to Martha’s Vineyard and taking in the fall colors.  Bill Bolster shared his wonderful Italian vacation and how he wound up being a stand-in for Dustin Hoffman.

Image 4 Oct 13 15

New GrandbabiesSteve Jorgensen shared the excitement of traveling to Phoenix to celebrate the birth of his first grandchild.  Warin Parker also celebrated the birth of another grandchild and then went off to Miami for R&R after the childbirth.


Everyone enjoyed a chance to see a photo of Past-President Michael Ragsdale and wife Barbara enjoying an evening get-together with Maureen & Mike Merrill and Ken Fischang.

Announcements —

M.J. Girard reminded us about giving purple pinky attention (signifying that a child has been vaccinated against polio) with a donation — World Polio Day is October 24th.

District Event — Foundation Chair, Wally Krutz, reminded us to save the date for the Monster Bash Foundation Dinner (wear a costume) — Saturday, October 24th

Board Meeting Highlights–

Image 6 Oct 13 15


President Marc presented highlights from the October 8th Board meeting. Marc explained that the new Board Meeting format includes a variety of voices from the Club to discuss strategic planning related to the structure and projects of the Club.

Highlights from the meeting included:

CATS (Club Activity and Task Sheets) with special attention to “stray CATS” — projects we currently do that need to documented.  The goal of CATS is to create a systematized process initiate, implement, and review all efforts. Connecting multiple people to what we do ensures sustainability and avoids “committees-of-one.”

Philosophical questions included “Why do we raise money?” Table group discussions focused on the importance of knowing the story of the project and being able to convey the emotion of the story as promote and invite the community to our events.

At the October 13th meeting, Marc asked Club Members to jot down ideas that build in fun while we work together to raise funds for important community projects.

NEW Raffle Game…

Image 7 Oct 13 15

Club Members voted for the return of the Slingshot Raffle as it creates an exciting challenge and produces large jackpots.

Sue Nelson had the lucky ticket and drew aim to knock down the “CANCER” cups and claim the $90 jackpot.  Sue’s aggressive side came forward has she fired two powerful shots just missing the cups so the pot will get even larger next week.

Image 8 Oct 13 15

Dennis Marks introduced our featured speaker, Hari Dhaliwal (owner of Drive Rite Automotive Services in Windsor), who gave us a historical background to Vocational Education Training Programs and his many years of helping Junior College students earn auto technician certificates.

Highlights from Hari’s presentation included:

We learned that Hari was born in Calcutta and came to US in 1964. He served in the Army as a auto tech during the Vietnam war. He holds several a big TV viewer. degrees, including one in marketing. Not a big TV viewer, but loves records.

Topic was on vocational education. His 20 plus years of college teaching is the inspiration for his talk.

Organized educational program based around current or emerging occupations. The experience is acquired in either a paid or non paid position. There are many trades that offer opportunity for students to obtain experience, and Junior College offers a wide variety of classes.

Students can gain this knowledge from a variety of sources, including Community college, proprietary schools, and four year and specific vocational training institutions.

Those that participate get their introduction through classes offered at the high school. Although these programs are dwindling. 87% of HS students take a course are exposed to vocational classes.

Financial aid is available through a variety of sources from government to private dollars. He shared his son went to UC Santa Cruz and found the dollars he needed for his education through the school resources and never had to seek dollars from his family.

Qualifications for teaching a vocational course at the JC level can mean a BA, and certificates for the topic, or both.

Everyone came away from Hari’s talk with a deeper appreciation of the need to help promote and support Vocational Training programs at both the high school and Junior College levels.

Windsor Rotary would certainly like to invite Hari and his Drive Rite automotive repair business to become part of our Career Explorer Program designed to help introduce career options to the students at Windsor Oaks Academy.

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