Bulletin 7/28/15

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Meeting Assignments

Greeter………………………….. Michael Juric

Raffle Tickets………………… Leah Hansen & Tom Holmes

Inspiration…………………….. Bill Bolster

Song……………………………… Allen Christenson

Closing Thought…………….. Joan Mora

Scribe…………………………… Leslie Griswold

Set-Up………………………….. Brendan Thielman & Daniel Myers

Image 1 July 28 15

President Marc rang the meeting into session, but before he could say a word, the doors to the room burst open with an encore performance of the Windsor Rotary Cheerleaders fresh from their dazzling performance at President Glenda’s Debunking at the Rio Nido Roadhouse on July 25th — only this time, they were performing in honor of Tom Hassur and the brilliant debunking show he coordinated for Glenda.

Image 2 July 28 15

Tom as Glenda + real Glenda

Leslie Lewis acknowledged all the creative work Tom put into Debunking Event and the special skit where he pretended to be Glenda running a Rotary meeting. Tom was also thanked with much applause for assisting Glenda and stepping in as Acting President for the past four-months. Bravo!

After restoring order, the meeting officially began with the Flag Salute led by Renee Hyde.

Image 4 July 28 15

Bill Bolster, still in costume as one of the Windsor Rotary Cheerleaders, provided the inspiration for the day with quotes from Winston Churchill and Charles Swindoll.

Allen Christenson would have led My Country ‘Tis of Thee.

We welcomed visiting Rotarians from Tahoe and Healdsburg.

Image 5 Jluy 28 15

Leslie Lewis introduced very special guests — Bertil and Irja Engdahl the proud parents of our very first exchange student Anja (1989-1990) who joined by her husband Henric, and their son Charlie.

President Marc presented Bertil with a Windsor Rotary banner to take back to his Rotary Club in Sweden.

Anja updated the Club with news about her family and the special place the Windsor Rotary Family, especially her host families, still holds in her heart.

Image 7 Jluy 28 15

Anja called up E. Marie Coakley to give her special thanks and a gift — organic distilled spirits produced by their family business in Sweden.


Tom as Glenda + real Glenda

Glenda + Sergio

Glenda laughing

Cheerleaders + Glenda

President Marc returned to the photos from Glenda’s Debunking to highlight all the special efforts made by Club Members to make the event so fun and memorable.

Leslie Lewis was called up be thanked for coordinating all the debunking activities and details. Leslie extended gratitude to the many Club Members who contributed in so many ways…Sue Nelson, E. Marie, Bev Graham, Tom and Brenda Hassur, Ken Moulton, Renee Hyde, Marc Elin, and Tom Boylan.


Sergio Sales was acknowledged again as the July Rotarian of the Month for all his District work for Youth Exchange including helping again with the Western Safari. Sergio also gives annually to the Foundation & Polio-Plus.


President Marc took a quick survey to see who was getting the weekly email link to the Club’s new website where the Bulletin, calendar, and other important information is posted each week.

Members who were not getting the email notice were asked to check the SPAM folder of the their email. If Members find a Club-related email in the SPAM folder, they should respond to the source that sent it which will stop future email from that source from directly going into the SPAM folder.


President Marc quickly reviewed the Give-Back-Bucks slips on each table. Members are encouraged to show their appreciation for special occasions, people, and events by giving back in some way –examples of ways to give are explained on each Give-Back-Buck slip.

Image 8 July 28 15

Image 9 July 28 15

Club Members, Tom Hassur (July 23) and Brendan Thielman (July 26), shared how they celebrated their July birthdays and gave thanks with Give-Back-Bucks.

Club Member, M.J. Girard, shared the good news of not only returning as a member to the Windsor Rotary Club but also his return to his being on the “air” once again with live podcasting from KWTF.net every Saturday at 8 a.m. — KWTF 88.1 FM  is a community, not-for-profit, listener supported broadcast studio serving the North Coast.

M.J. shared that he grew up in “the City” (Frisco) in the 1960’s and experienced the R&R music scene in the “Height”, local venues and G.G. Park. His program is “Roots of Rock” and will feature the seldom heard and number-1 hits, circa 1950’s thru the 1980’s. The “Rock It Man” takes request at: radio@mjgirard.com

M.J.’s used his Give-Back-Bucks moment to highlight for the Club another way he has given  — by becoming a Bequest Society Member (designating $10,000 or more via your estate plans).


Image 10 July 28 15

Craig Curreri shared “Thank You” cards from Windsor Middle School teachers for the mini-grant projects funded by the Windsor Rotary.

Tom Hassur thanked Club Members who stepped forward to help with the Active 20-30 Club’s Children Shopping Spree — a once a year event where we take underprivileged children back to school shopping. The date of the event is August 1st. Between my club and two other Active 20-30 clubs we are taking over 200 children shopping and we need more volunteers so that the children could have a one on one shopping experience.

Image 12 July 28 15

President Marc thanked Leslie Griswold for using personal technology during a meeting for a good purpose as she completes her 3-week run as scribe for the meetings using an iPad with the meeting agenda pre-loaded for her.

Clean-up Day reminder for the Ragdale family on Saturday, August 8th 8am to noon.


 Jack Hyde reported that the Rotary Bar made $1,200 last week and $1,400 the previous week at the recent Town Green Concerts. Revenue from the Rotary Bar funds International projects for the Club.


Image 11 July 28 15

The slingshot game connected to the weekly raffle sounds easy — lucky Superheroes with the lucky ticket get two-shots to try and knock down the cups that spell CANCER — but has proved to be more challenging than it appears as the pot was at $422 when the absent Dennis Harris had the winning ticket.  Charlie, the son of our first Exchange Student, Anya, took careful aim this week, but missed.  The pot grows.


Image 13 July 28 15

Anna Smith introduced our guest speaker, Kathy Vayder, from the Green Dog Rescue Project.

The Green Dog Rescue Project introduces a nature-based philosophy to the animal welfare industry.  Our interests are to educate the community and industry in the methods and language of animals, in an effort to improve the manner in which we house homeless animals and minimize the lives lost as a result of behavior issues, poor social skills, overcrowding, and other traditional criteria.


Closing Thought was provided by Joan Mora who supplied a quote and a superhero image to go with it:

“When you decide not to be afraid, you can find friends in super unexpected places.”


August 4th Meeting Featured Program —


Windsor Rotary CATS take center stage at our next meeting.

Be there to cheer them on — you’re guaranteed to get caught-up in the action!

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