Bulletin 8/18/15

Posted By Jake Fowler

Greeters………………………… Bill Bolster & E. Marie Coakley

Raffle Tickets………………… Dennis Marks & Larry Wasem

Inspiration…………………….. Jim Ruppert

Song………………………………. Bill Arnone

Scribe…………………………….. Ken Moulton

Set-Up…………………………… John LeCave

The meeting was opened by President Marc Elin at 7:30 am.

The flag salute was presented by Jack Hyde

Image 1 Aug 18 15

Jim Ruppert provided the inspiration by using several quotes from well known coaches. In honor of the University of California coaching staff, Jim reminded us that “One loss is good for the soul….too many losses are not good for the coach.” Go Bears!

Image 2 Aug 18 15

Bill Arnone led the Club in a beautiful rendition of “Peace on Earth” in honor of our soon to be Peace Scholar and speaker today Amil.

Introduction of Visiting Rotarians:

Laura Bruher introduced from the Rotary Club of Petaluma Sunrise Greg Freitas, District Chair for the Rotary Friendship Exchange and his wife Lili Freitas, District Peace Fellow Chairperson. They announced the second District Friendship Exchange to be held from December 27 to

January 15 in Gujarat, India. Contact them if interested!

Rene Hyde introduced Dick Winterhold from the Cloverdale Rotary and Jeff Gospy from the Rotary Club of Santa Rosa.

Sandy Krutz introduced from the Rotary Club of Healdsburg District Assistant Governor Nita Parker and current President Linda Gufrey.

Michael Juric introduced Kathy Flamson from the Rotary Club of Calistoga and Salvador Rico from South Ukiah Rotary.

Maureen Merrill welcomed back Lee Mattias from North Lake Tahoe Rotary.

George Johnson introduced Joy Weims visiting again from England.


Guests of Rotarians:

Sue Nelson introduced guest Dennis Verity employed by Morgan Stanley.

Image 4 Aug 18 15

Allen Christenson introduced Vincent Larcin, our current Youth Exchange Student.

Image 8 Aug 18 15

Visiting Rotarian, Jeff Gospy introduced our featured speaker Zabitullah Aimal and his wife Asma Halim.


Rotary Business

Marc Elin announced a special membership meeting to be held on the evening of September 8, 2015. We will be dark that morning and the evening meeting will feature appetizers and fellowship as we invite potential members to meet the Club. The special guest speaker will be James Gore, our newly elected County Supervisor for the 4th District. All members are encourage to attend and invite a “Friend of Rotary” (FOR) that could be a potential member.

Image 6 Aug 18 15

Rotary Bar

Jack Hyde announced that the Rotary Bar had a record night on August 13th with sales of $1950.  A special thanks to Leslie Lewis, Sue and John Nelson, Sandie and Wally Krutz, Bill Bolster, and Leah Hansen. Way to go Jack and team Rotary!


Members Celebrate Good News with Give-Back-Bucks

Image 5 Aug 18 15

Steve Jorgenson announced that the Windsor Unified School District successfully opened its doors to 5400 students and only lost one kindergartener in the process. It was a smooth opening for our local schools…the kindergartener was eventually found at the Boys and Girls Club and reminded that school had started.

Michael Juric announced that his son, Andrew, has just landed a job with the Windsor Fire Department. Local boy makes good!

Leslie Griswold announced that she had exceeded her sales goal at Sawyers Jewelers for the sale of her specialty “Hearts of Fire” diamonds.

Rene Hyde recently attended an awards ceremony for States Farm Agents in San Francisco and found time to play golf at the Olympic Club and shot an amazing 87. Was that from the blue or red markers, Renee?

Image 3 Aug 18 15

Bill Conklin reported back from his recent vacation to Idaho, Colorado, and Oshkosh. Bill missed several meetings but assured the Club his travel to Oshkosh made up for it.

All recognized Rotarians made a contribution to the Rotary Foundation. Thank you for your generosity.


Image 7 Aug 18 15

The slingshot game connected to the weekly raffle sounds easy — lucky Superheroes with the lucky ticket get two-shots to try and knock down the cups that spell “CANCER” — but has proven to be more challenging than it appears.  Steve Jorgenson, was the lucky Community Superhero who had the selected raffle ticket. Steve wisely, he gave his chance to Youth Exchange Student, Vincent Larcin, who demonstrated great skill but fell short of victory. The pot continues to grew as we wait for our next Superhero to surface


Image 9 Aug 18 15

Our featured speaker, Zabitullah Aimal — Afghanistan Peace Scholar, was introduced by visiting Rotarian, Jeff Gospy, who has been coordinating Aimal’s speaking tour in Sonoma County.

Amil is a Rotary sponsored Peace Scholar that will be enrolled at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom where he will pursue a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution next year. He will be one of only 50 scholars selected worldwide by Rotary International.

Amil grew up in Afghanistan and shared an amazing story of survival and hope in a nation that has been at war for most of the past four decades.  He spoke of the many challenges for survival, education and women’s rights in Afghanistan today. Amil shared his personal experiences of life shaped by conflict, his participation as an interpreter for the US military and his eventual travels to America to Nevada to attend the University and receive his Bachelors Degree. This journey was made possible by a Rotarian, a military officer he become friends with in Afghanistan. This friendship develop as a result of Amil’s efforts to implement a “GO Green” strategy with the local population that facilitated mutual respect and understanding and resulted in reducing attacks by “70%” and preventing any American deaths in this military unit.

His amazing story was one of hope and resiliency and offers great promise for the future of Afghanistan. Amil’s character and positive outlook for the future speaks volumes for the quality of those individuals that are selected to earn their Masters Degree in the Rotary sponsored Peace Centers around the world.

Amil’s parting advice was to “pay it forward” and that the good that you do in the world will transcend the evil that exists. He thanked Rotary for its support and promised that he would make a difference in the world.


Image 10 Aug 18 15

Our closing thought of the day was connected to the theme of Peace —

“Peace is not something you wish for; its something you make, something

you do, something you are and something you give away.”

– John Lennon

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