Bulletin 8/4/15

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August 4th Meeting Assignments

Greeters………………………… Beverly Kinnison & Craig Curreri

Raffle Tickets………………… Steve Jorgensen & Brian Ling

Inspiration…………………….. E. Marie Coakley

Song……………………………… Allen Christenson

Closing Thought…………….. Joan Mora

Scribe……………………………. Ken Moulton

Set-Up…………………………… Brendan Thielman & Daniel Myers


With the raffle climbing over $450, Club Members worked on improving their odds with the Slingshot Game by taking aim and practicing before the meeting.

Image 2 Aug 4 15

Meeting began with the Flag Salute led by Glenda Sales.

Image 3 Aug 4 15Marie Coakley provided the inspiration for the day.

“Be who you are and say what you want…”  -Dr. Seuss

Image 4 Aug 4 15

Allen Christenson led us in the song: “Take me out to the ballgame.” A Giant song!

Visiting Rotarians George Johnson, introduced Joy (our long distance member all the way from England) and Shannon a fellow school teacher.

Dave Koch introduced Shannon Howard from Boys & Girls Club and she introduced her golf tournament.

Sue Nelson introduced Jim Scally.


Image 1 Aug 4 15

President Marc previewed upcoming programs:

August 11th Speaker —

Paul Gullixson, Editorial Director for the Press Democrat, explores “The Death of Newspapers and other Myths.”

Tom Boylan will be running the August 11th meeting while Marc opens school.

August 18th Speaker —

Leadership expert, Simon Sinek, explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change.

August 25th Speaker —

Windsor Rotarian Community Superheroes Unmasked!! (surprise details to come)


Tom Hassur was acknowledged as the August Rotarian of the Month for his Service Above Self in so many ways…Leading the successful Lobster Feed, stepping in to help Glenda during her Presidency and producing a fabulous debunking, tirelessly working hand-on projects (Senior Helping Hands, Rotary Bar with Jack so many times at Town Green Concerts…), and annual giving, including starting the Blue Cups for Polio at weekly meetings.


Club Bulletin Email Notices — Members who were not getting the email notice were asked to check the SPAM folder of the their email. If Members find a Club-related email in the SPAM folder, they should respond to the source that sent it which will stop future email from that source from directly going into the SPAM folder.



Superheroes Unmasked! — Windsor Rotarian Superheroes Ken Moulton and Phil Trowbridge were caught at work (or play?) during Bastille Day in Healdsburg (what will they pay in Give-Back Bucks to keep the photo off the Internet?).



Glenda Sales and Ken Moulton extended thanks to Club Members who assisted the Active 20-30 Club’s event on August 1st. The annual Children Shopping Spree provided over 200 underprivileged children a Back-to-School shopping experience.

Tom Boylan lined-up a Clean-up Day Crew for the Ragdale family for Saturday, August 8th 8am to noon.


Jack Hyde reported that the Rotary Bar made $1200 at the recent Town Green Concerts.

Revenue from the Rotary Bar funds International projects for the Club.


Maureen Merrill is throwing a dinner on August 27th on the Green for a Beatles music celebration and dinner. Contact Maureen to either sign on for the dinner, or to volunteer to serve dinner. Cost is $75.


Image 5 Aug 4 15

The slingshot game connected to the weekly raffle sounds easy — lucky Superheroes with the lucky ticket get two-shots to try and knock down the cups that spell CANCER — but has proved to be more challenging than it appears as the pot was at $480 this week. Ed Turner knew how much the pot was and decided to miss the cups so the pot could grow — thanks Ed!


Allen Christenson announced that our Inbound Exchange Student, Vincent Larcin, will arriving from Belgium of August 6th.  Allen Christenson and Dawn, Vincent’s first host-family, will be picking him up at the airport and taking him to the Sierras for little walk in the mountains.


President Marc introduced the focus topic for the meeting (CATS — Club Activity and Task Sheets) by playing a humorous western-style video about the challenge of herding CATS.

The CATS Team (Marc Elin, John LeCave, Wally Krutz, and Ken Moulton) have been working on organizing and simplifying the concept for the August 4th introductory rollout to the Club. The presentation needed to explain the history, establish understanding, create buy-in, and provide participation/practice on the concept.

Image 7 Aug 4 15


John LeCave and Wally Krutz led the Club through an activity of applying the concept to the biggest of all CATS: the Lobster Feed.  The CATS for the Lobster Feed was organized in a simplistic way that focused on goals, time, and people.

The goal of CATS is to describe all the elements of service and fundraising the Club does in a comprehensible yet simplistic manner that all members can understand and connect to.


Closing Thought for the meeting:

“We cannot be creative if we refuse to be confused.”

-Margaret Wheatly


Upcoming Programs —


August 11th Speaker —

Paul Gullixson, Editorial Director for the Press Democrat, explores “The Death of Newspapers and other Myths.”



August 18th Speaker —

Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change. A trained ethnographer and renowned expert on the subject of leadership (adjunct of the RAND Corporation), Simon Sinek writes and comments regularly for major publications and teaches graduate-level strategic communications at Columbia University.

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