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Meeting began with the Flag Salute led by Art Diaz.

Image 4 Sept 15 15

President Marc provided the Inspiration that served to commemorate 9-11 and remind us of the current destruction from the Valley Fire for the day from.

“When I look out a window, I exhale a prayer of thanks for the color green, for my children’s safety, for the simple acts of faith like planting a garden that helped see us through another spring, another summer. And I inhale some kind of promise to protect my kids’ hopes and good intentions we began with in this country. Freedom of speech, the protection of diversity — these are the most important ingredients of American civil life and my own survival. If I ever took them for granted, I don’t now.”

– Barbara Kingsolver, American novelist

Warin Parker led us in the song, “Take Me Out To The Ball Game” in honor of our guest speaker, Steve Zabriskie, and his 30 years experience as a major league baseball announcer on television.

Visiting Rotarians included Roger Olson from Healdsburg Club (Marketing and Sales) and Pete Lescleur, from Santa Rosa (field of Engineering).

Guests of Rotarians included Steve Zabriskie, Sports Announcer and our guest speaker.



With the Valley Fire forcing 19,300 people to evacuate their homes while the fire ranges on — over 62,000 acres burned with only 10% containment — Club Members discussed the urgent need provide financial support the communities served by four Rotary Clubs in Lake County.

Our Rotarians told of their personal connections to people in Lake County.  Wally Krutz mentioned our fellow Rotarian, Bea Moulton, who lives in Middletown — we’ve heard she is ok, but no direct contact yet.   We mentioned Whitney and Helen Shaw on Cobb Mountain.  Renee Hyde mentioned her team member, Craig, who has lost everything in the fire. Renee also reports that insurance companies will cover up to two weeks of housing for evacuations.  Dave Koch talked about his two nephews in Lake County.

The Club agreed to donate $500 from our Windsor Rotary Community Foundation directly to the Lakeport Rotary Club.  Then, we passed the bowl for donations, and the total from our Club to Lakeport Rotary is $2,900!!!!


Image 2 Sept 15 15

Renee Hyde talked about Samy Nouchy — a native of France starting a six-month internship at Sonoma County Tourism, is looking for some Sonoma County hospitality to stay until he starts his stay with a Santa Rosa family in October.  Maureen Merrill stepped-up and agreed to help — way to go, Maureen!


Outbound Youth Exchange Counselor, Bill Bolster, shared recent photos from our “daughter”, Araiana Darrow with her first host family in Germany.

Member News —

President Marc posted photos of our newest member, Leigh Mateas, from baby to adult.  One interesting photo was Leigh with a show Boxer.  Also, the second love of his life — Leigh with his ’56 Chevy.  But number one love of his life is his wife of 52 years!

Image 8 Sept 15 15

Beverly Kinneson has just graduated from Red Badge status to Blue Badge!

Congratulations, Beverly!  She reports that she thinks our club is great.

Image C Rotary Bar 15

September Rotarian of the Month is Jack Hyde for his tireless work year-round for all our events — especially storing, setting-up, and working the Rotary Bar during the Summer Concert series on the Town Green which raise funds for our international projects — this summer we raised $10,434.16

Image 6 Sept 15 15


Steve Klick reminded us how the Lobster Feed keeps on giving as he shared his recent experience cooking a Paella Dinner a lucky group won from the Lobster Feed Live Auction.  Dennis Marks reported that the dinner was a great time – it was an excellent dinner.  Steve and his wife, Mapi, are fantastic hosts — they had lots of wine and Steve even donated cigars to the group.

Image 7 Sept 15 15

In honor of such a good time, Dennis Marks filled-out a green Give-Back-Bucks slip and made a donation towards Steve Klick’s Paul Harris.

Image 9 Sept 15 15

The slingshot game connected to the weekly raffle sounds easy — lucky Superheroes with the lucky ticket get two-shots to try and knock down the cups that spell CANCER — but has proved to be more challenging than it appears as the pot was at $849 when Ed Turner took aim this week.  President Marc made it a little easier on Ed and the cups were knocked downEd contributed a large portion of his winnings to the Valley Fire donation.




Image 4 Sept 8 15


President Marc led the club through a reflection on the September 8th Special Evening Meeting and Community Conversation with Sonoma County Supervisor and Rotarian, James Gore.  In attendance at our Sept. 8 event was District Governor Erin Dunn.  Thanks to all who helped put this great program together:  Maureen Merrill, Bev Graham, Wally and Sandi Krutz, and Art Diaz.

Image 10 Sept 15 15

Allen Christenson introduced our featured speaker, Steve Zabriskie, who was a television sports play-by-play announcer for 30 years, during which he was awarded three Television Sports Emmys.

Steve started is talk by sharing the story of great personal loss he endured with his wife’s battle with cancer and fire that destroyed their home and all their possessions. It was his wife who helped reset the compass by saying about the house fire, “It’s only stuff.” Steve’s story certainly resonated with other stories shared during the meeting about lives interrupted by the fury of a fire.

Everyone was able to play sports highlight reels in their head as Steve told personal stories of what for many would consider the by-gone golden era in sports (1950-1980).

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Closing Thought for the meeting was provided by Bill Bolster

September 15th Meeting Assignments

Greeters………………………… John Horton & Renee Hyde

Raffle Tickets………………… Dave Koch & Rich Mucci

Inspiration…………………….. Dennis Harris

Song………………………………. Warin Parker

Closing Thought…………… Bill Bolster

Scribe…………………………….. Susan Cole

Set-Up…………………………… Kurt Mitchler

Next Week’s Meeting (Sept 22nd)


Educator Heather Cullen returns to challenge our minds and showcase the talents of Windsor youth connected to Odyssey of the Mind.

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