Bulletin 9/29/15

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Meeting began with the Flag Salute led by Dennis Harris.

Inspiration for the day was provided by E. Marie Coakley.

Beverly Kennison led us in a fun-spirited song.

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Guests of Rotarians included: Kim O’Conner (guest of Laura Buhrer), Oscar Chavez (guest of Maureen Merrill), and Adele Stoll (guest of Sue Nelson).

Allen Christensen recapped all the adventures he and his wife, Dawn, have provided to our Exchange Student, Vincent Larcin — including: s taken let us know that Vincent is boating, golfing, ping ponging, mountaineering, site seeing, food tasting, San Francisco tourist.

We are invited to ask Vincent over for a night out. Piano is a must.

Vocational Service connection to high school students

Allen Christenson highlighted the first Rotary Career Explorer Program field trip for students of Windsor Oaks Academy to Tom Hassur’s Techni-Glass business. Tom has hosted an Explorer field trip before where he discovered his employee Eduardo who shared his experience with the visiting students from his old school.

Taking Aim with Relief Funds…

Rotary Club of Windsor collected $3,200 at the Sept 15th meeting to support communities affected by the Valley Fire.

Wally and Sandie Krutz shared about their trip to Lakeport to hand-off the dollars and what they learned about all the different people working hard to improve a tragic condition. Wally says the trip through Middletown was surreal for the damages. There is a tremendous amount of support and new hope being found in every corner of the community.


Club Members shared fun experiences and special events in their lives that they are thankful with Give-Back-Bucks — where they make a donation to the Club, District or International programs.

Birthdays of Club Members

Sept 26 — Steve Jorgensen

Sept 27 — Jack Hyde

Sept 29 — Michael Ragsdale

Club Members Personal Anniversaries

Sept  5 — Dennis Harris & Ken Fischang (4 years) —

they are waiting to celebrate with Glenda and Sergio.

Sept 13 — Bill & Julie Conklin  (35 years)

Sept 26 — Dennis & Sherryl Wilkinson  (28 years)

Sept 29 — Bill & Lori Carson  (31 years)

Sept 30 — Craig & Elaine Curreri  (26 years)


District Event — Foundation Chair, Wally Krutz, reminded us to save the date

for the Monster Bash Foundation Dinner — Saturday, October 24th at

Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park.

Club Event — The Wine Raffle Fundraiser is on aim with Cupid for February 2016 — more details to come after the October 8th Board/Leadership meeting.

NEW Raffle Game…

President Marc introduced the new Raffle Ring-Toss Game. Object is to throw the darts so they land inside the circle — of course there is a catch…you have to pick a Superhero partner who must also throw it in the circle.  Ken Moulton got the call for the lucky ticket and chose Dick Bishop to toss the darts. They took all the money!

President Marc reminded Club Members about their Superhero Mission Reports and shared photos of Club Members enjoying a lunch and laughs…but don’t forget the questions to ask one another on the assignment sheet.  Superhero Dynamic Duos will begin presenting each other at the October 20th and 27th meetings — a new version of Craft Talks.

Featured Speaker —

Maureen Merrill introduced the conversation she would be constructing with Oscar Chavez, Assistant Director for Sonoma County Human Services.

Among other things, Oscar would be discussing “Upstream Investments” — a program to eliminate poverty and ensure equal opportunity for quality education and good health.

We were introduced to the concept of upstream investments which was initially introduced to the County Board of Supervisors in 2007, as the debate centered on either building a new jail, or finding a need that would change the trajectory of citizens away from the criminal justice arena.

Maureen probed for a little of Oscar’s background, he came from Mexico and his parents were undocumented. His life took many turns, from farm labor housing, to a home for habitat, where his family took advantage of a project where they built their family home.

During Reagan’s amnesty, his family took advantage and Oscar eventually became a naturalized citizen. His high school experience introduced him to college programs and he saw himself among others, which gave him a realization that he could be successful.

Oscar shared how important mentorship was in his development of working with social programs. He emphasized how important it is to have people in your life that can help shape you into who you become.  The importance of having people in his life as mentors, has driven his direction and he feels we all need to pay it forward.

To learn more of the Upstream program, visit www.upstreaminvestments.org

Next Week’s Meeting (Oct 6th)


At the October 6th meeting, Sue Nelson continues our interview presentation format with a focus on entrepreneurialism and a conversation with Adelle Stoll who is among other things a Designer, Manufacturer, Retailer, and Windsor business owner.

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