Craft Talks – Robin Resendez and Wally Krutz

Good Day fellow Rotarians, friends and family who are reading our weekly bulletin.  Today’s minutes are from TUESDAY August 22, 2023

Pledge of Allegiance:  Catherine Hanron
INSPIRATION: Maureen MerrillQuote by Steve Jobs, “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”
SONG: Susan Cole with the help of Maureen led us in a lively version of Sweet Caroline, by Neil Diamond.

 GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Domingo introduced our YE Daughter Louis from France, and Kate Smith; our recently returned exchange student, this will be Kate’s & her sister Emma’s  last meeting for a while as they are both leaving to attend Grand Canyon University in Arizona later this week.  We will miss you both, enjoy your adventure!

NO MEETING AUGUST 29TH, 5TH TUESDAY event to be announced.
Renee Hyde reported the “Concert Bar” had another great night last week, $2200+.  We have two regular concerts left; she is pretty good on staff for this Thursday but is need of one more server for August 31st.   Volunteers are always welcome!
Leah Hansen announced the Windsor Day Parade will be held September 30th, we are in need of volunteers to help get the Rotary Balloon ready and help walk with the balloon during the parade.  Participating in the Windsor Parade is a short time commitment and great fun!!

Larry McCabe has been working on updating our By-Laws,  this procedure requires voter approval by Rotary members.  Larry sent a copy of the revised by-laws a few weeks ago to all members, received some feedback from a couple of members, has made those revisions and will be sending again this week for members review.  Please be prepared to vote on the by-laws revisions, at our next meeting September 5th.    Thank You Larry,

Pam Moulton, International Chair, asked for members interested in being a part of the international committee, she was pleased to have at least 6 members respond.  Yeah!Carol Martin announced there will be two meetings concerning Budgeting:
If you have a project you are interested in being involved with and will need funding, curious about how the finances of the club & foundation work, these meetings are for you.
Club Budget Tuesday August 29th, 6pm Ed Turners office at the Airport Center
Foundation Budget Wednesday August 30th, 6pm Ed Turners office at the Airport Center
Carol also shared that Rotary International has narrowed their selection for the 2029 International Convention to either San Francisco or Minneapolis.  There will be a Rotary site selection group in San Francisco early September and they are planning to attend a Giants game Sept 8th. Join us for Rotary Day at the Giants! It would be great to have a whole section filled with Rotarians
JB’s position of Program Chair needs a replacement, possibly a committee?  Interested members please contact JB Leep or Doug Williams.
Russian River Clean Up: September 16th, contact Barbara McChesney,
October 28th:      Windsor Food and Toy Halloween Fundraiser save the date, contact Larry McCabe:
NOVEMBER 11TH:  Honoring Nation’s Finest, save the date, more information to come.
We had many August Birthdays and Anniversaries,
Happy Birthday:
Bill Bolster 8/8
Heather Cullen 8/16
Brian Ling 8/16
Art Diaz  8/21
Larry McCabe  8/23
Maureen Merrill 8/24
Happy Anniversary:
John & Sue Nelson 8/6  46 years,
Brian & Debbie Ling 8/10  38 years,
Ed & Louise Turner 8/12  45 years
Robin & Carlos Resendez 8/18  5 years
John & Donna LaCave 8/23
Mitch & Bunnie Grandie 8/28

Around 1895 Clara McClelland married Atlas Hembree.  House at 295 Windsor River is built.

Craft Talk:  Robin Resendez:
Robin moved to Windsor in 1990, when she was 4 years old, she is the middle child with an older and younger brother.  Robin’s father was a SR policeman and she stated her parents are her role model as they have been happily married for 38 years.
Robin’s education started at Mattie Washburn and she graduated from Windsor High School in 2005.  She attended SRJC, with a major in Criminal Justice and a minor in Anthropology.
Robin worked for Victims Service Advocacy for four years until the program was discontinued.
She married Carlos Resendez in 2018; between the two of them they have five children and have made their home here in Windsor, where their children now attend school.
Robin has worked as Service Manager @ Renee Hyde Insurance and Financial Services for the last three years, she is licensed in Personal Lines, Life & Health and is passionate about children’s Whole Life, as she has learned it is a way to create an instant estate for your children and secure them with guaranteed insurability.
When Robin is not working or tending children she enjoys Reading, she started a book club during covid, and has returned to her love of painting.
She also loves to travel and had the opportunity to visit Scotland last year, she added that Scotland was absolutely beautiful!.
Robin also enjoys cooking, volunteer work and Rotary.
Personal Title:  The Mom – The Myth – The Legend


Craft Talk:  Wally Krutz
Wally was born in Chicago Illinois in 1947, the same year the transistor was invented.
Wally’s father was tinker, builder and photographer; he worked as a photographer for the Army Engineer Core.  His Mother was a professional secretary and assistant editor, predominately of Illinois History. Both his parents were very community orientated.
Wally contracted measles, mumps & chicken pox all at the same time as a toddler,  he lost the hearing in one ear as a result.
Wally stated where he grew up he really did walk a mile to and from school in the 1st grade. Wally got his first job, a paper route, in the 6th grade and got a job at a gas station in the 8th grade.
Wally’s father purchased his first car in 1955, didn’t sound with Wally’s approval he bought a Ford.   Wally bought his 54 Chevy in his sophomore year, claims there was a bullet hole in the trunk.  I understood Wally to say he would purchase a car, do some work on it, sell it and upgrade his vehicle until his purchase of his first new car; 1967 Chevy Impala.
Wally met Sandie while they were both in high school; Wally graduated in 1966 and went on to School of aviation to become an air craft mechanic.  He was offered a job by Bell Helicopter, Boeing and United Airlines while still in school.  When he completed aviation course he did go to work for United Airlines.
Wally and Sandie married 7/12/69, they honeymooned in Hawaii, and they just celebrated 54 years of marriage.  In  1970 Wally had the opportunity to see a field of the brand new 747’s.
They bought their first home in Illinois in 1970 for $16,000.00.  They adopted their son Rick in 1980 and moved to Newark New Jersey in 1983, shortly after they received a call that took them to Oregon to adopt their daughter Kathy.
Wally continued to advance with United and he and Sandie came to the San Francisco bay area in 1991.  Wally became a Rotary – Andy in 1992 as Sandie was the Rotarian.
Wally was doing consulting in 2001 and joined the Rotary Club of Windsor in 2008,
Kathy, his daughter, was married last year and in June 2023 he received the gift of a Grandchild.

President Doug adjourned the meeting 8:30am