Windsor Rotary Community Foundation supports our community through partnerships, funding, and direct service.

Click here for a PDF Summary of WRCF Expenditures over the last few years.

Our major past and present projects include:

Senior Helping Hands: We provide regular support for seniors in the Town of Windsor by helping out with seemingly small but important home repair and safety enhancements. Rotarians have replaced windows, repaired smoke detectors and met with senior residents to offer assistance and conversation.

Windsor Middle School: Rotarians have provided special education with equipment, teachers with classroom grants and recognized students of the year with a special presentation.

Teachers Grant: Our fundraising has helped teachers throughout the Windsor School District with grants to help offset the cost of running a classroom.

SAY Teen Crisis Hotline: Through our recognition of leaders in Sonoma County, we financed an essential resource for troubled youth.

Windsor High School Scholarships:  Since 2000, yearly scholarships to graduating high school seniors have helped fund higher education.  Most years, we are able allocate up to $15,000 for scholarships in the amount of $1,000.

CHOICES Student Program:   We support and help lead this ground-breaking program that succeeds in helping freshman students make the choice to complete high school.

Windsor Teacher Appreciation Awards: Each year the Rotary Club of Windsor recognizes outstanding teachers in every school within the district.  At a special event meeting, teachers and principals have the chance to share their successes and their pride with our club members.

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards: RYLA is an unforgettable, motivational, enlightening week for students finishing their junior year.  We sponsor local students to attend RYLA, and our members volunteer as speakers, mentors and cooks.

Rotary Summer Camp.  At this very special camp, children from situations of domestic violence are given a special experience with others who share the same backgrounds.  A week of wholesome activity amidst caring adults helps strengthen self-esteem and contribute to coping skills. We have been regular participants in this camp since its inception in 1999.

Windsor High School Student of the Month: Each month our club recognizes the efforts of Windsor High School students for vocational choices, extra-curricular activities and scholastic achievement.

Career Day Windsor Oaks Academy: We teach by showing what we do. This program allows students to meet business owners and professionals in their community. It is a hands on experience that literally changes lives.

Holiday Dinner for Bell Manor: Rotarians volunteer to spend time with seniors, preparing and serving a wonderful meal with song, good cheer and a visit from Santa.

Student Vocational Service Awards: We support vocational choices and the special talents of Windsor High School Students.

Dictionaries for all 3rd Graders.  Every year we participate with other service clubs in a program that gives a beautiful, well-illustrated, hard-bound dictionary to every third grader in the Windsor School District. For some, we are told, this is the only book that can be found in the home.

Windsor Day Parade: You can see our support of this annual parade in the faces of Rotarians marching alongside our Rotary balloon.

4H Livestock Program: Our support for local agriculture can be seen as Rotarians purchase the livestock of  4H members.

SRJC Rotary Leadership Center: Our generous donation helped to fund a learning center at SRJC.

Girls State: We send young women to a summer program that teaches the importance of governing.

International Youth Exchange Program: Each year Windsor Rotary sponsors a local student to participate in a Rotary Exchange program that sends them another country, where they live with a Rotary family and attend high school.  In turn, we host students from abroad for a life-changing year in the U.S.

Connect for Success:  In a groundbreaking program, we partnered with Comcast to provide both computers and Internet services for students without these tools at home.