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Greeter — Steve Jorgensen
Raffle Tickets — George Johnston & Laura Buhrer
Opening Inspiration — Pegi Ball
Song — Sandie Krutz
Closing Thought — Leslie Lewis
Scribe — Leslie Griswold
Set-Up — Brian Thielman & Daniel Myers

President, Marc Elin, opened the meeting by playing a video highlighting the historical images of the Rotary Club of Windsor set to upbeat music. The video ended with a reminder of what Rotary is all about — Rotary is a leadership organization made up of local business, professional, and civic leaders. We meet regularly, get to know each other, form friendships, and through that,
we’re able to get things done in this community.

Image 1 July 14 14

Pegi Ball led us in the Flag Salute and shared that her inspiration comes from examples of so many Club Members being connected to others in the Club and to the community we serve. It is this deep level of compassion and friendship that she finds so rewarding about being a Rotarian.

Image 2 July 14 15

Sandie Krutz led us in the song, “Do-Re-Me” from the Sound of Music — it was fun to see that everyone didn’t need to glance at the lyrics having grown up with the song.

July 21st Meeting Featured Talk

How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek explores how leaders can inspire cooperation, trust and change.

A trained ethnographer and renowned expert on the subject of leadership (adjunct of the RAND Corporation), Simon Sinek writes and comments regularly for major publications and teaches graduate-level strategic communications at Columbia University.

What you’ll learn at the July 21st Meeting —

Fascinated by the leaders who make impact in the world, companies and politicians with the capacity to inspire, Simon Sinek has discovered some remarkable patterns in how they think, act and communicate. He wrote Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action to explore his idea of the Golden Circle, what he calls “a naturally occurring pattern, grounded in the biology of human decision making, that explains why we are inspired by some people, leaders, messages and organizations over others.”

Introductions of visiting Rotarians —
Tom Boylan introduced Roger Olson.

Introduction of Guests —
Chris Landwehr introduced longtime friend of Windsor Rotary and featured speaker, Mark Milan.

Image 6 July 14 15

Michael Ragsdale introduced his son, Zachariah.

E. Marie introduced hair extraordinaire Laura Dahlsted.

Jack Hyde introduced his wife, Janet; Returning Outbound Exchange Student (Allie), Our Inbound Exchange Student (France, who will be returning to Thailand on July 17th); and our newest Outbound Student (Adriania).

Sue Nelson introduced visiting family friend Jim Scally.


President Marc highlighted his theme for the year, Community Superheroes, explaining that every Club Member has two identities — our role as leaders in our professions and as Community Superheroes. Our goal for the year is to be more public about our Superhero work with youth, elderly, and local/international grants. “Each of us can make a difference. Together we can make change.”

Marc described a fun project where each Club Member will be creating their own Superhero Card that includes interesting facts their two identities (professional and person). In the end, everyone will get a desk of Superhero Cards featuring all Club Members.

Apparently President Marc needs encouragement to wear his super hero outfit on a weekly basis…we’ll work on that.

Marc summarized Maureen Merrill’s presentation at the July 14th meeting about meeting programs for the coming year. Speakers will come from popular topic categories Members noted is a recent Club survey and include:

Popular Topics from Member Survey:
– Members’ Businesses & Professions
– Local Business
– Arts / Music / Theatre
– Local Government / Politics / Candidates
– Health & Well Being, Aging
– Economics
– Childrens’ Issues & Services
– Travel
– Public Transportation
– Social Issues
– Inspiration / Motivation / Self-Development

Image 3 July 14 15

Marc then led the Club in a fun game using the serial numbers on $5 bills members were asked to bring to the meeting.

Image 4 July 14 15

Leslie Griswold and Dave Koch were winners with each having four-of-a-kind.

Marc then encouraged members to donate the $5 they brought to the EREY (Every Rotarian Every Year) annual fund. Marc explained how even small contributions add up to big efforts on international projects and that members can even make it easier by “being golden” which means you have set-up automatic contributions to size and frequency you want.

Staying with the Superhero theme, Marc had a visual of EREY-man.

Club News & Information

Dick Bishop brought a flag and a story from his visit from the Rotary Club of Reno that is 78 members strong.

Marc highlighted the work of Club members at the July 9th Board/Leadership meeting. “Leadership” was added to the title of Board meetings to emphasize how different leadership voices from the Club will be invited to Board meetings on focus topics. July 9th meeting focus topics included continued discussion about developing CATS (Club Activity &Task Sheets) and Steve Klick presenting an update of the new Club website he is developing with Tom Boylan.

Marc also shared with the Club a photo of himself with President-Elect, John LeCave, at the weekly Presidents’ Amigo Meeting held in his office. Marc and John are continuing to refine the CATS project in preparation for a roll-out presentation at the August 4th Club Meeting.

Image 8 July 14 15

Leslie Lewis provided an update on President Glenda’s debunking on Saturday, July 25th.

Jack’s Bar was canceled last Thursday because of a rain at the Town Green Concert. Bill Bolster and Dick Bishop stepped-up to help Jack with the set-up for the July 16th event. Other members who will be working the July 16th event include: Maureen Merrill, Pegi Ball , Craig & Elaine Curreri, and Jim & Kitty Rupert.

Positive Thoughts and Active Support for those we care about
Past President of the Cloverdale Rotary.

Louise & Ed — Louise is recovering from recent surgery for breast cancer. Keep sending her good thoughts and cards. Maureen has been organizing meals during post surgery recovery.

Michael & Barbra Ragsdale — Barbara will keep us posted with a blog
of Michael’s progress with treatments at Stanford.

“Clean Up Day” at the Ragsdale’s on Saturday, August 8th, early morning till Noon.
We are cutting down some small trees, pulling out some bushes and removing
some debris in the yard. We might even furnish lunch afterwards. Looking for
hands and some trucks to help out.

Image 9 July 14 15

Marc continued the Superhero theme (will it ever stop) with the weekly raffle. With a pot over $300, there were plenty of people wanting to play. Dennis Wilkinson was the lucky who got a chance to use the Superhero Sling-shot and knock down the cups that spelled CANCER. Luck for us, both of Dennis’ shots missed…so the pot grows!


Maureen Merrill introduced our feature speaker for the meeting: Mark Millan — longtime friend to Windsor Rotary as well as Water Communications Expert and Windsor Town Council Member.

Mark’s presentation was well-rounded as it provided us with a historical perspective of California drought conditions over time as well as new ideas in play and what we might expect next. Mark also got us to laugh along the way including a very humorous video featuring the actor Jack Black.

It’s important to know it takes 660 gallons of water to make a burger and just 32 to make a bottle of wine. “More wine, less burgers” sounds like a great Superhero motto.

Highlights from Mark’s Talk include:

Yes the drought is on and the indicators are fierce, but Windsor is doing a great job conserving and has always been in a leader in water recycling.

As California struggles to find new water sources for its growing population and various needs, only two options remain beyond conserving.

One is seawater desalinization (Desal) and the other is water recycling. Desal projects are stymied by environmental concerns regarding high energy use and potential impacts to aquatic life. Water recycling to new advanced levels of treatment promises more robust results to meet long term drought concerns.

Although these new water solutions are squeamish to some folks the trend is moving toward acceptance – especially in those affected geographic parts of the country (and world) where drought has been devastating to agricultural, the environment and to human life. The future of meeting our water needs in these times of extreme weather variability is conserving and recycling all types of water (sewage, storm water, industrial waste) using advanced treatment and monitoring technologies.

Our Closing Thought was provided by Leslie Lewis:
If Plan A didn’t work, the alphabet has 25 more letters.

Marc reminded us to “Be a gift to the world!” (Rotary International’s 2015-16 theme)

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