Bulletin 7/21/15

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Club Members Assisting with the Meeting

Set-Up…………………Brendan Thielman & Daniel Myers

Greeters……………….Renee Hyde & John How

Raffle Tickets……….Tom Hassur & Joan Mora

Inspiration……..……Dick Bishop

Song……………………Allen Christenson

Closing Thought….Dennis Marks

Scribe………………….Leslie Griswold


Opening music to the meeting had a disco beat to remind us of the upcoming debunking party on Saturday, July 25th for President Glenda.

Flag Salute was led by Steve Klick.

Opening Inspiration provided by Dick Bishop, he shared the poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling.

Allen Christenson led us in an enthusiastic America the Beautiful.

Visiting Rotarians included Lee Mattas, Tahoe Douglas Club, and John Gollum, Arcata Sunrise Club.

Bev Graham introduced her Grandson Jay MaudlinLarry Wasem introduced his business partner Rich CoombsJohn Howe introduced his wife and daughter.  Renee Hyde introduced Megan HausserSue Nelson introduced Jim Scally and guest speaker Kristyn ByrneE. Marie introduced her hubby Floyd.

President Marc reminded us of this year’s Club Theme, “Community Super Heroes”,

and spent time focused on the acknowledging Club Members and efforts of the Club.

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Image 2 July 21 15

Club Membership, Sandie Krutz, recognized Daniel Myers for finding the express lane

with his energy and willingness to get involved thereby moving him quickly from Red Badge to Blue Badge.


 Five of Sergio to choose from — suggest using: “Sergio (Glenda + boy)” and Sergio (W. Safari)”

President Marc announced Sergio Sales, husband to Past President Glenda, as the Rotarian of the Month for all his work with Youth Exchange for the District, including leading multiple Western Safari trips, his annual giving to the Rotary Foundation and Polio-Plus giving, as well as filling multiple tables at the recent Lobster Feed. Way to go Sergio — we salute you!


Image 4 July 21 15

Club Event — Leslie Lewis updated the Club on the details (including the fun bus) planned for President Glenda’s Debunking Party on Saturday, July 25th at the Rio Nido ROADHOUSE, not the Rio Nido Lodge.

Image 3 JUly 21 15

Renee Hyde attempted to teach President Marc some of President Glenda’s fav dance moves (if you look really closely you might see the hint of a dance move by Marc, who clearly needs practice).


President Marc introduced Give-Back-Bucks as a way for Club Members to show their appreciation for special occasions, people, and events by giving back in some way.

Members have traditionally given in three categories: to the Club, the Community, and Internationally.  All Marc did was create a system that helps Members be aware of the different ways to give. The focus is on the public act of giving and not focused on the dollar amount Members would give.

Marc explained the process with Give-Back-Bucks displays on each table with Giving Slips attached. The Club then had the opportunity to see the process in action as Marc highlighted Member birthdays and anniversaries.

Members got a chance to tell about the happenings around the happy occasion and hand Marc their Give-Back-Buck sheet. Marc noted the category the Member contributed to, but not the dollar amount.

Birthdays of Club Members

July 23 — Tom Hassur

July 26 — Brendan Thielman

Birthdays of Member’s Partners

July  3 — Carolyn Wasem (Larry Wasem)

Image 6 July 21 15

July 11 — Paul Peloso (Renee Hyde) Renee gave thanks for Paul Peloso being in her life

and the fun they had celebrating his birthday golfing in Reno….

July 25 — Veronica Carle (Ron Carle)

July 27 — Dennis Marks (Denise Marks)

Club Members Personal Anniversaries

July 3 — E. Marie & Floyd Coakley (60 years)

Image 7 Jly 21 15

July 9 — Maureen & Mike Merrill (27 years)

Maureen received a cool new bike from her happy husband

July 12 — Sandie & Wally Krutz (46 years) took a trip to coast for the oysters and champagne

July 14 — Steve & Mapi Klick (15 years) took the kids to dinner

July 20 — Anna & Stan Smith (29 years)  Anna Smith has done it all with her husband

July Anniversaries of Club Members in Rotary

July  1 — John Hackenberg (1 year)

July  5 — Karen Ricketts (4 years)

July 11 — Ron Carle (25 years)

July 23 — Bill Rash (18 years)

Image 5 July 21 15

Oldest Past President Larry Wasem nominated President Marc as the Most-Anal-Retentive-President-Ever, Tom Boylan seconded the motion. Marc became worried wondering what the trophy might look like.

Community Involvement — Megan Hassur described an opportunity for interested Rotarians to assist her 20-30 Club with the Children Shopping Spree. This is a once a year event where underprivileged children are provided with a back-to-school shoppingexperience. The date of the event is August 1st. Between Megan’s Club and two other 20-30 clubs, there will be over 200 children served.  More volunteers so that the children could have a one on one shopping experience.

Tom Hassur noted the Windsor Rotary Club’s $500 commitment to the 20-30 Club project and the partnership the two clubs continue to have supporting projects from both clubs.

The slingshot game connected to the weekly raffle sounds easy — lucky Superheroes with the lucky ticket get two-shots to try and knock down the cups that spell “CANCER” — but has proved to be more challenging than it appears as the pot was at $364 when Bill Bollster took aim this week.  Both shots were just a little outside. The plot thicken as the pot grows.


Our Guest Speaker was Kristyn Byrne, Community Liaison for the Lytton Band of Pomo Indians, who shared the history of the Lytton Rancheria and the Tribe’s desire to develop a community for its members with land west of Windsor that’s pending approval to be placed into a federal trust.  Rich Coombs spoke about Windsor’s history of cooperation to accomplish community improvements and facilities.

The dialog on the Lytton Tribe proposed land development continues when the Town of Windsor hosts an informational meeting on Monday, August 10th at a yet-to-be determined location to answer questions on the Lytton project and the town’s involvement.


Closing Thought was provided by Dennis Marks:  “It takes passion to bring a vision to life.”


July 28th Meeting Featured Talk —

Kathy Vayder from the Green Dog Rescue Project

Our Mission: “To Inspire Change, Educate, and Save Lives”

Through education and community outreach programs, The Green Dog Rescue Project teaches the language and social structure of dogs, mentors shelters willing to participate in pioneering industry wide changes in housing methods, and brings awareness and assistance to over breeding.  The Project provides retention training and counseling for families struggling with the decision to keep their pet due to behavior issues, guidance and counseling to families during the process of adopting a new pet, match Senior dogs with the elderly community, and social rehabilitation to dogs that have failed in traditional animal shelters.

Kathy Vayder came on board during the first Green Dog Rescue Project volunteer orientation, in May of 2012.   Her favorite volunteer activity was to walk dogs.  The volunteer coordinator position opened up in Feb of 2013 and Kathy began recruiting and coordinating our volunteers and walking dogs.  She was working full time as a Client Account Executive for Terremark/Verizon and her dreams of retiring were beginning to occur more and more.  As Green Dog Rescue Project grew, she was brought on full time as our Program Director, responsible for Volunteers, Events, Training and adoptions.  Kathy also served as Board Secretary from June 2013-June 2014. Kathy lives in Healdsburg, CA. with her partner Greg and their two adopted dogs Abby and Monique Marvez.

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