Bulletin 7/7/15

Posted By Jake Fowler

Photos from this Meeting

Something was a little off this morning

Our new President Marc Elin was absent and president elect John LeCave took over the beginning of the meeting. He explained that things can happen, and then he played a video of things happening to people… he concluded that we all need a superhero sometimes to help when things happen…

This was the introduction to President Marc, who graced us with his shirt and tie, only to reveal he was in fact a superhero underneath, complete with cape and mega six-pack abs.


From here, the meeting proceeded with its usual flair:

Wally Krutz led the pledge of allegiance

PDG Ken Moulton shared some of Ghandi’s wisdom to inspire us


Pres. Marc showed us he is a well rounded leader by leading us in a song, My Country Tis of Thee.

Back to the video and a collage of Windsor Rotarians doing what we do best, from meetings to action items. We all are one village is a theme for 2015 – 16

President Marc introduced District Governor Erin Dunn’s theme… Explore Rotary! He then Installed our newest member… Girard, who left Ukiah to rejoin Windsor. He says he is comfortable with familiar faces but mostly that our club is dedicated to changing the world.

Bev Graham gave a sunshine report and gave us good news on Louise Turner’s successful operation for breast cancer surgery.

Mike Ragsdale was in the house and told us he is heading off to Stanford to begin his treatment for Cancer. He has a website and we can follow the intensive care he is going to be receiving for the next 4 weeks. https://www.mylifeline.org/michaelrags Sign up and keep him distracted.

Visiting Rotarians included Roger Olson, and District AG Nita Parker. Both hail from the Healdsburg club.

Guests included Joan Mora’s daughter, Kayla Mora, who introduced a cause she is hoping to fund for creating a library for her classroom in Yuba City. Look for the email from Leah with all the details on how you can help, or contact Joan Mora.


Dave Koch introduced our outbound student. Ariana is a couple of weeks away from entering Germany.

John How introduced our new First Lady, Diane Elin.

Sue Nelson introduced Jim Scally, a good friend and a brother-in-law.

Jack Hyde introduced his first lady, Janet.

Glenda debunking info… Glenda we know you are reading this… so there is nothing to report.

Jack is still looking for volunteers for the Thursday Rotary Bar on the Green. All are welcome, whether you have signed on, or not.

About that pot… New game in town… we stacked cups spelling CANCER and Steve Klick had 2 shots with a slingshot to knock over the cups. He missed and the $240 rolls over to next week.

Chris Landwher passed along the schedule of tasks needed to be filled by the club. The eventual home for the list will be on the new club website. www.windsorrotary.org (Thanks Steve Klick)

The goal for Club membership. We currently have 61 members, but Marc wants 70 by year’s end.

Our June 30 meeting was asking looking for feedback from the club and PDG Maureen Merrill gave us a report:

Speakers in the future will have to educate and entertain us with their ability to share topics that the club wants to hear about. She has already booked 3 people to come speak to the club, and invited members to send in more names. Please share your ideas with president Marc and Maureen.


Marc introduced his super hero persona, which is filled with positives and a few negatives as well… spell check is his friend.

Joan Mora and John How volunteered to hand out imagery that reflected a super hero. We then filled in the blanks that Inspired us to create our own super hero image. It felt good to get back in the crayon box.

Words to leave by: In any situation there is something good to come from it.

Bulletin –
Written by Tom Boylan
Photography by Sandie Krutz
Edited by Jake Fowler (jake@boylanpoint.com)

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