Rotary Club of Windsor is committed to more than our local community. Our outreach to other parts of the world allows us to promote a view of world peace and understanding through compassionate programs aimed to improve the human condition across the globe.

Our international service outreach has primarily been focused on Mexico and Latin America. Through Foundation grants we have worked alongside other Rotary Clubs to provide improved housing conditions for orphanages in Jalisco Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Rotarians have provided the funding and the leadership to improve living conditions for young girls and women that have been displaced due to poverty, drugs and other circumstances outside of their control.

Our club has had a hands-on role shopping for shoes, clothing and educational supplies for the residents of the orphanage. Through our generous donations we have provided a freezer and filled it with meat to help feed the children throughout the year.

Several of our club members, including Windsor dentists Bill Conklin and Kurt Mitchler, have joined others on excursions into remote areas of Nicaragua to provide dental care to people , many of whom were seeing a dentist for the first time in their life.

Our club members have literally placed the drops of Polio vaccine on the tongues of children half way across the world.

Not every Windsor Rotarian can make the trip to provide services abroad, but every Windsor Rotarian has the opportunity to help raise funds for our international services work. Our fundraising for international projects brings Rotarians together in our highly successful “Margarita booth,” which we operate during summer entertainment nights on our Town Green. Funds raised go direct to our international projects. This is, as one might imagine, a HUGE opportunity for Fellowship. It is also a great place for our friends and neighbors to see us having a good time doing what we do!

Rotary is an international organization and the opportunities to meet Rotarians from around the world are many. If you would like to truly explore the world and its people, come join us.