July 14, 2015 – Mark Milan

Posted By Steven Klick

Mark Milan

July 14th Speaker: Mark Millan, Water Communications Expert / Principal, Data Instincts Public Outreach Consultants / Windsor Town Council Member

Topic: “California Dreamin’: water nightmares far from over”

Mark Millan, a recognized authority on California water issues, has extensive experience in public outreach strategies for water development and water recycling projects for public entities. His firm also specializes in public information and community relations for Environmental Impact Reports and construction of recycled water projects. For over 10 years, Mark’s firm has introduced new techniques to the public involvement and outreach process for recycled water projects and has conducted extensive surveys and focus groups on public perceptions of recycled water uses. He has more than twenty years’ experience in marketing and public relations, has been a Creative Director with advertising firms and a Senior Executive with publishing organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area. From 2004 to 2011, Mark served as the chair of the national WateReuse Association’s Public Education and Outreach Committee. In 2014, Mark was elected to the Windsor Town Council. He is a longtime Windsor resident and friend to the Windsor Rotary Club.

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