July 28th, 2015 – Kathy Vayder

Posted By Jake Fowler

Kathy Vayder from the Green Dog Rescue Project

Our Mission: “To Inspire Change, Educate, and Save Lives”

Through education and community outreach programs, The Green Dog Rescue Project teaches the language and social structure of dogs, mentors shelters willing to participate in pioneering industry wide changes in housing methods, and brings awareness and assistance to over breeding.  The Project provides retention training and counseling for families struggling with the decision to keep their pet due to behavior issues, guidance and counseling to families during the process of adopting a new pet, match Senior dogs with the elderly community, and social rehabilitation to dogs that have failed in traditional animal shelters.

Kathy Vayder came on board during the first Green Dog Rescue Project volunteer orientation, in May of 2012.   Her favorite volunteer activity was to walk dogs.  The volunteer coordinator position opened up in Feb of 2013 and Kathy began recruiting and coordinating our volunteers and walking dogs.  She was working full time as a Client Account Executive for Terremark/Verizon and her dreams of retiring were beginning to occur more and more.  As Green Dog Rescue Project grew, she was brought on full time as our Program Director, responsible for Volunteers, Events, Training and adoptions.  Kathy also served as Board Secretary from June 2013-June 2014. Kathy lives in Healdsburg, CA. with her partner Greg and their two adopted dogs Abby and Monique Marvez.

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