Club Membership Team: 3 Major Areas of Responsibility

Identify prospective members
Process the applications from first visit to induction
Implement outreach and recruitment programs when appropriate
Set membership goals and monitor progress

Engage and Retain
Blue Badge process
Mentor Program
Ensuring Involvement
Attendance (monitor, reward, communicate)
Member Satisfaction (ROI, friendship, empowerment, fun)

Provide Rotary Information and assure New/Prospective Member orientations
Educate members on Rotary accomplishments, history, programs and structure
Club Training
Use and promote District Resources; e.g.: IFL, Rotary U., DTA, seminars, other events

The Thriving Team:

  • Meets regularly
  • Set measurable goals
  • Monitors results
  • Celebrates successes, and reviews lessons learned


  • Reports to the Board of Directors and Club President
  • Sets a budget for membership activities
  • Assures that all team members are supported for success (do they have what they need to accomplish the desired result?)

Welcome Coordinator

  • Moves the process from initial contact or visit to induction
  • Assures that application is done, submitted to board, follows club policies
  • Assures publication of the name
  • Schedules orientation
  • Manages invitation to membership
  • Schedules induction with Club President

Mentor Coordinator

  • Assigns each new member a Mentor
  • Develops (with team) the time period or other specifics of this job
  • Assures that new members become engaged in club activities

“Red-to-Blue” Program

  • Reviews process for effectiveness and updates
  • Tracks progress through the requirements
  • Assures timely award of Blue Badge or other indicator of completion of the program

Attendance Coordinator

  • Monitor (with help of Club Secretary) attendance
  • Communicate where appropriate with missing members
  • Report concerns to Membership Chair; assist with planned actions
  • Consider acknowledgement/appreciation or awards for high attendance

Retention Coordinator

  • Understands club membership statistics and monitors changes
  • Keeps track of current club sentiment (e.g., through polls, suggestion boxes, personal  communication, etc.) and asks for input
  • Assures that Membership Chair and President are aware of trends, morale, stats, etc.

Club Trainer (either a Team Member, or works closely with the team)

  • Provides Rotary Information to new and continuing members
  • Promotes interest and knowledge of our organization within the club
  • Promotes use of District and R.I. resources (events, trainings, materials, etc.)