This is an annual fundraising event. The club contributes either from their cellars or purchases 60 bottles of Gold Medal wines that are then raffled off through ticket sales by the entire club. Smaller prizes have been extra and duplicate bottles, as well as, a beer prize. This activity is timed to be close to the Sonoma Harvest Fair and before the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holiday season. Funds traditionally are directed toward college scholarships awarded to Windsor students.

• Dollar goal set by current President
• Predictable odds associated with the number of tickets to be sold determined in conjunction with the dollar goals.
• Use opportunity to engage new members enlisting them in roles outlined in procedures link.
• Entire Club sells tickets
• Give F.O.R. Windsor List first option on tickets.
• Clearly articulate on the ticket and in our sales effort the “WHY” of this effort!

Champion – John LeCave
Chair – TBD
Co-chair – TBD
Vice-Chair _ Dennis Marks

Key Timing
• Set Goals and reauthorize – June Board Meeting
• Team Identified – September first meeting
• Tickets Ordered – September second meeting
• Wine Collection started – October first meeting
• Tickets Distributed – October first meeting
• Tickets sold & returned around Thanksgiving – December first meeting
• Raffle held by December 15th
• Wine Distributed before December 25th

Budget/Budget History
Contact Information

Authorized           Reauthorization           Reauthorization Due
________         ____________         _______________