About Our Club

Have you ever wondered what a Rotary Club can do for our community? Since 1987 the Rotary Club of Windsor has been helping to build the Windsor community to the benefit of young and old. Through fundraising efforts, the Windsor Rotary members have provided equipment for the Windsor Fire Department, the creation of Elsbree Skate Park, floors for the Boys & Girls Club gymnasium and countless other projects.

In addition to the physical and financial investment made by Windsor Rotary members, there have been gifts of the heart. Each year the Rotary spends time with seniors in celebration of the holidays. Rotarians have spent countless hours in support of the Salvation Army by greeting shoppers at several Windsor locations. Rotarians have read to elementary school children and provided counseling to Windsor Middle School and Windsor High School students.

In addition to a regularly scheduled student of the month program, Windsor Rotary Community Foundation has provided more than $100,000 towards scholarships. Rotary members’ commitment to students includes an ongoing student mentoring program where students spend time with a variety of businesses that are owned or managed by Rotarians.

Each year the Windsor Rotary Club sponsors student exchange programs, which allow our young residents to travel and live within another country’s culture. In return Windsor Rotary has hosted students from around the globe providing them with an opportunity to live in the homes of Rotary families and attend Windsor High School. Many of the students that we have hosted over the years have found their way back to Windsor to say thank you for changing their lives.

While the Windsor Rotary Club maintains a high profile within the Windsor community, it also has a great reach to communities around the world. Windsor Rotarians have provided Polio vaccinations in an effort to eradicate the disease form the world. Windsor Rotarians have also provided ongoing support to several orphanages in Mexico and Nicaragua. We have adopted a village in Nigeria that now has clean water and medical and school support.

Rotary belongs in a world-wide community, but every Windsor Rotarian recognizes their own community needs to thrive in order to be recognized as a place where Service Above Self can grow. If you are not a member of Rotary, we ask you to consider learning more about this amazing organization and in particular the Rotary Club of Windsor.

Community Grants 1987-Current

  • High School Exchange Students
  • Connect for Success
  • Senior Helping Hands
  • Middle School Teacher Grants
  • High School Scholarships
  • Sonoma County Service Above Self Awards
  • Windsor Skate Park
  • Computer Lab at Boys & Girls Club of Windsor
  • Equipment for Windsor Fire Department
  • Green House at Windsor Creek Elementary School
  • Solar Classroom at Cali Calmécac School
  • Gymnasium Floor at Boys & Girls Club of Windsor
  • Equipment & Supplies for Windsor Little League & Softball
  • Track Equipment for Windsor High School
  • Playground Upgrade & Equipment for Mattie Washburn Elementary School
  • Playground Structure at Head Start Center in Windsor
  • Garden of Scholars at Cali Calmécac School
  • Raised Garden Beds at Head Start Center in Windsor
  • Scoring Table for Windsor High School
  • Chairs for Boys & Girls Club of Windsor

The Mission of Windsor Rotary
The mission of the Rotary Club of Windsor is to serve our community and the world. We strive to better communicate with our members and with the community to inspire and mobilize both our local and global community in health, education, and peace to create transformative change.

The Windsor Rotary Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit, Fed EIN #68-0185065.


Tuesday at 7:15 a.m.

Charlie’s Restaurant
Windsor Golf Course
1320 19th Hole Dr.
Windsor, CA 95492
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Rotary Club of Windsor
P.O. Box 819
Windsor, CA 95492
Phone: 707-892-0492
Email: info1@windsorrotary.org