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Meeting Bulletin - June 11, 2024

Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Trash Talk 

         Today’s speakers were Windsor Rotary member Alissa Johnson, the Business Manager of Sonoma County Resource Recovery (“SCRR”), and Amanda Rivers of SCRR.  Alissa and Amanda led a lively discussion addressing many questions regarding what items are suitable for composting, recycling, or trash and which bin is appropriate for certain items. JB Leep brought dozens of household items and there were many surprises.  The best answer appears to be: If you don’t know which bin is appropriate, put it in the garbage.  The overall objective is to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  To obtain information regarding which items go in which bin, consult the SCRR website,
Call to Order.  President Doug Williams called the meeting to order at 7:30 am.

Pledge of Allegiance.  Leslie Lewis led the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

Inspiration.   Leslie Lewis observed that this is LGBTQ Pride Month and proceeded to inspire us with quotes regarding Rotary’s commitment to our diverse community.
 “Rotary holds that the interests of society demand that there be
a place where [people] of diverse races, faiths, and political parties can meet in
happy fellowship, and proposes to provide that place.”
                    --Paul Harris, a founder of Rotary International
“What does being an ally mean to the Rotary community?
Being an ally means standing with the marginalized, breaking barriers, and amplifying voices.  Being an ally means globally connecting and embracing diverse cultures.  Even if you don’t understand someone, respect and support them regardless.”

Song. JB Leep led us in singing a rousing rendition of “She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes”, which originated in an African American spiritual about the second coming of Christ, but later took on secular meaning.

 Guests.  There were many visitors today. Michael Juric, the chair of the Club’s Scholarship Committee, introduced the scholarship recipients and those family members present: Ava Gonzales; Isaac and Norah Ericsson and their parents and brother Felix; Livia Huberts and her father; Patrick Logue and his mother; Abby Lenney and her parents, and Jennifer Lopez and her cousin. Also present were Alyssa Steiss, our short-term exchange student and her parents, Rochelle and Kyle, and Ann Louis, our soon-to-be-departing exchange student.  Alissa Johnson of SCRR, our speaker today, introduced her co-presenter Amanda Rivers.

Our President’s Thought.  Did I make a difference in somebody’s life?  What Wrongs did I Right, What Hurts did I Heal?
          Club Calendar.
                           June 11         RYLA BBQ Lunch—11 am Westminister
                              June 17         Board Meeting
                              June 18         Club Meeting: Library
                              June 25         Last Meeting of the Rotary Year
                              July 2            No regular meeting

          Scholarships.  Michael Juric reported that the Club received 29 applications for Club scholarships and selected seven recipients, all of whom are present today.  Michael brought all recipients to the front of the room and asked them to tell us where they will be going to school next year.
                              Patrick Logue University of California Santa Barbara
                              Livia Huberts University of California Davis
                              Ava Gonzales Chico State
                              Abby Lenney           Santa Rosa Junior College
                              Norah Ericsson        University of California Santa Cruz
                              Isaac Ericsson          Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
                              Jennifer Lopez         Santa Rosa Junior College
In response to a question from Michael regarding “take aways” from their past experience, the scholarship recipients offered: engage in physical activities, make friends, work hard, and ask for help. They articulated the following concerns and priorities: provide employment and educational opportunities, particularly practical skills for those who may not go to college; motivate students to stay in school and learn; and publicize what Rotary stands for and does in the world.  Michael concluded with words of thanks and admiration for the students and their parents, whom the Club members acknowledged with vigorous applause.

          Short-Term Exchange Student.  Beth Smith introduced 15-year-old Alyssa Steiss, our short-term exchange student this summer, who will be going to Spain. She hopes to compare the cultures of Spain and California.

          Rotary Bar Report.  Renee Hyde returned from her travels and reported on the success of the Rotary Bar on Thursdays during Music on the Green.  Gross sales for last week were $2,284.90.  Renee extended a “huge, huge, dynamic Thank You” to Larry McCabe for serving as Bar Czar during Renee’s 2 weeks away.  This week we have the Earth, Wind, and Fire tribute band.  Proceeds from the Rotary Bar funds our Club’s international projects.  We have a full staff for this week.

          Project Graduation.  Beth Smith thanked Windsor Rotarians for an outstanding showing this past week to support 262 students who participated in a safe and celebratory night.

          Songs of Faith Concert.    [Scribe’s Note]. A flyer on the tables at the meeting announced a free “Songs of Faith” Concert by Heather Cullen’s women’s singing group Vinyl Revival on June 23rd at 5:00 pm at the Windsor United Methodist Church.  Be there!

          International Committee.  Pam Moulton announced a meeting of the International Committee immediately after next week’s Club meeting to discuss possible international projects.

          Review of Last Week’s Meeting.  President Doug displayed photos of last week’s Club meeting featuring law enforcement personnel.  We met the new Windsor Police Chief and presented our Club’s “big check” to support the “Every 15 Minutes” program.

          Speaker.  JB Leep introduced our speakers Alissa Johnson and Amanda Rivers of Sonoma County Resource Recovery, who presented Trash Talk!  They addressed many specific questions regarding proper household waste disposal.

          If one puts things that are not recyclable in the blue bin, this affects the diversion level of the entire contents of the bin.  SB 1383, which went into effect in January 2022, mandates a green bin for compostable materials, meaning something that came from something that was once living. Materials can be composted if they contain less than 10 percent of another material, e.g. soiled paper goes in compost. However “compostable” plastic bags should not go in with organics and must go in the trash.

          Some other guidelines include:
                    Don’t put batteries in recycling because they can cause fires in trucks and recycle facilities.
                    Plastic pill containers are recyclable.
                    Don’t recycle commercial metal, like rebar.
                    Textiles go in the garbage.
                    Styrofoam should not be provided by food purveyors in Sonoma County.
                    At Costco, don’t request a box!

          Alissa and Amanda referred further questions regarding resource disposal to the SCRR website, which features photos of what items go in which bins.

          Thank You.   President Doug thanked our speakers, guests, set-up crew, and administrative folks.

          Next Week.  At our Club meeting next week, on June 18th, the program will focus on the Windsor Regional Library.

                                                  With apologies for misspellings and mis-hearing,
                                                            Your Scribe, Larry Mills



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