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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Funraiser to Fundraiser: Where should the money go?

11.21.23 Rotary minutes

Past President Sue Nelson presiding reminding us of Doug’s message: Did I make a difference in someone’s life?
Pledge of Allegiance: Alyssa
Inspiration: Michael Juric  People come to Rotary for service and fellowship.  Michael had three quotes, one which was: Service is rent for living.
Song: Susan Cole “  I’m working my way back to you,” from Jersey Boys
Guests:  Maureen introduced Councilwoman Tanya Potter
Pam introduced Margaret Johnson
Update on Doug:  Doug is being careful about crowds while he gets over this phase of treatment.  We are all thinking of him and wishing him well!
Doug’s history bit of Windsor:  in 1899 seven acres of prunes produced 45 tons of fruit at @20/ton – a very good cash crop!
Report on board meeting last night:
               Ed is happy as there is no deficit
               Catherine reports that there will soon be three new members if all goes well
               Pegi is letting us know that while there is not a year long exchange student next year, there will be 2 short term exchanges of three weeks each.  Contact Bill Bolster if you can help.
               Pegi also reports that there is a new Interact Club at WHS with 14 members! The RYLA students started it. They baked and sold goodies for both of Heather’s musical theater production.
               Larry reports that a small grant was approved for Barbara to buy some permanent cups to use for Rotary parties.
               Larry reports that the board approved paying Circuit Riders approximately $300 for a cost overrun associated with Daffodil day.
               Maureen reminds us that if you are going to be absent from meetings for more than a week, please let the President know so we don’t worry about you!
               Barbara will be President on July 2, 2024 and is starting to put together a board.  If you are interested in serving on the board, please let her know!

November birthdays:  Beth (5th), Susan   Cole (9th), Leah (21st), Allyssa Johnson and Glenda Sales (23rd)
Mike Raasch (24) (and will contribute a rounded up $60 to his fines and $100  to the Ken Moulton fund)  , Ed Turner (28) and will contribute $70 to Ken Moulton fund, John Hackenburg (9th) .  These last three were not on the list so we need to update our computer list.

Bill and Joan Bolster celebrated their 54th anniversary on Nov. 1, and because they had to be out of their house while the floors were being redone, they celebrated in style at some fancy local hotels and restaurants!  Bill’s going to contribute $60 to the community fund.

 Meeting topic: Michael Juric and the Fun-raiser.  In January we will be putting out an invitation to apply for funding.  We need to decide who we will invite to apply.  Our club must take an active role in deciding which sector(s) of our community we want to put our energy into. 
Fundraiser and leadership
Monica – Beneficiary
Carol – Money
Renee – Greater Giving
Larry – Promotion
Mike Raasch and Kurt – Venue
Pam – Décor
Peggy – Food
Catherine – Big Ticket auction items
Susan Cole -co-lead with Michael

Each table discussed what areas are most important to them. The initial results showed great interest in Youth and Seniors in our community.

To end the meeting, Michael led the ritual of Chuck the Chicken with President Elect Barbara and President Nominee Larry.  Larry threw the rubber chicken into a skillet that Barbara was holding.  Landed it first try!  They discussed the prize: a beautiful floral arrangement, and Barbara brought it home! Happy Thanksgiving. The future is bright!


The Mission of Windsor Rotary
The mission of the Rotary Club of Windsor is to serve our community and the world. We strive to better communicate with our members and with the community to inspire and mobilize both our local and global community in health, education, and peace to create transformative change.

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Tuesday at 7:15 a.m.

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