Windsor Rotary Community Foundation

Windsor Rotary Community Foundation

Serving the changing needs of the Windsor community

Have you ever wondered what a Rotary Club can do for our community?

The Rotary Club of Windsor was founded in 1987.  In 2001, the Rotary Club of Windsor created the Windsor Rotary Community Foundation, known as WRCF.  Since then, the Club has been helping to build the Windsor community to the benefit of young and old through WRCF.

The fundraising efforts of Windsor Rotary members have provided equipment for the Windsor Fire Department, the creation of the Elsbree Skate Park, floors for the Boys & Girls Club gymnasium and countless other projects.

In addition to the physical and financial investment made by Windsor Rotary members, there have been gifts of the heart. Each year the Windsor Rotary spends time with seniors in celebration of the holidays. Rotarians have spent countless hours in support of the Salvation Army by greeting shoppers at several Windsor locations. Rotarians have read to elementary school children and provided counseling to Windsor Middle School and Windsor High School students.

Windsor Rotary also has regularly scheduled student of the month program, WRCF has provided more than $100,000 towards scholarships. Rotary member’s commitment to students includes an ongoing student mentoring program where students spend time with a variety of businesses that are owned or managed by Rotarians.

Each year the Windsor Rotary Community Foundation sponsors student exchange programs which allow our young residents to travel and live within another country’s culture. In return, Windsor Rotary hosts students from around the globe providing them with an opportunity to live in the homes of Rotary families and attend Windsor High School. Many of the students that we have hosted over the years have found their way back to Windsor to say thank you for changing their lives.

Mission Statement

The Windsor Rotary Community Foundations provide leadership to leverage the Foundation’s resources as an expression of service to our greater Windsor service area and a commitment for the Rotary Club of Windsor.


The Foundation is governed by the Rotary Club of Windsor Board of Directors plus two Trustees.

Foundation Funding

Contributions to the Foundation can be Designated for one of three funds – Click here to Donate now:

  • John Lewis Endowment Fund
  • Ken Moulton Scholarship Fund
  • Current Year Fund
    (Undesignated contributions automatically go into the Current Year Fund)

Gifts to the Windsor Rotary Community Foundation may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor for specifics.

The John Lewis Endowment Fund is a growing permanent fund named in honor of our club Founder and first President. In this case, we use a portion of the income earned by this investment fund each year for community projects, but do not touch the principal. Click here to Donate now.

The Ken Moulton Scholarship Fund is also a growing permanent scholarship fund named for a long time educator and current Windsor Rotary member.  Ken spent 38 years as both a classroom teacher and school administrator.  The last ten years of Ken’s career were spent in Windsor as both a middle school principal and then Director of Alternative Education.

Throughout his career, Ken was committed to the at-risk and under-served student. During his time in Windsor, he established the alternative high school, Windsor Oaks Academy, and supervised the Independent Study and Adult Education programs.  Ken has also continued to be an active member of the Rotary Club of Windsor during this time, and still is.  Given Ken’s experiences, the criteria for receiving a scholarship include the core values of Rotary International and the successes of underachieving students who overcome obstacles in a school setting. It is hoped that this scholarship will allow selected students the opportunity to continue their education al journey at the next level following high school graduation. Click here to Donate now.

The Current Year Fund is not a growing permanent fund.  It is used in its entirety for local community projects. These monies are used to fund legacy projects like Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership, Girls’ State, scholarships for Windsor High School seniors, Teacher Appreciation Day, and major project grants each year. Past major projects include the Windsor Skate Park, Playground Equipment on the Town Green, and a major upgrade to the Windsor Middle School Theater and more are listed below. Click here to Donate now.

Grant Application Process

The Windsor Rotary Community Foundation is pleased to be able to offer grants to a variety of applicants each year. We actively solicit grant applications for varying amounts from all parts of our community.  Applications are reviewed and evaluated by an Community Service Evaluation Team.  Final recommendations are presented to the Board after a review process which also includes applicant interviews and multiple review meetings.

For more information on the Windsor Rotary Grants, please see our Grant Application page and our Scholarship Application page.

The Mission of Windsor Rotary
The mission of the Rotary Club of Windsor is to serve our community and the world. We strive to better communicate with our members and with the community to inspire and mobilize both our local and global community in health, education, and peace to create transformative change.

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