President’s Message

Greetings from the Rotary Club of Windsor!

November 18, 2021

Lots of wonderful activities and events have been going on in our Club! We have 9 new
members since July with five in the wings! We were able to re-start our Rotary Bar at the
Windsor Town Green which generated the funds for our International projects and
activities! We have re-done our website to catch up with the 21st century! And, we are
offering the option of hybrid meetings for those members who are travelling, stretched for
time or continue to feel vulnerable to Covid.

Some reconfiguration of the “Avenues of Service,” to include Recognition, Communication, Service, Foundations and Club Operations has encouraged the club to give focus to what is important to our members. Recognition includes our dedication to nurturing our longstanding friendships by providing opportunities for us to socialize both on a one to one basis, but also as a group. This area of service also fosters our traditions of acknowledging our Rotarian of the month, and our community members whether they are our local students, senior citizens or first responders.

The Communication team has just released our new and improved website, Rotary Club of Windsor Website, which  maintains information on current and upcoming programs, access to our members (password protected), and a calendar of events, to name a few  features. We are still in the process of populating the information – so be patient!

Our Service Chairs embrace the activities that address both community and international activities in which we are engaged, both with “hands on” and/or financial support. The team recently reviewed 18 requests for proposals addressing community based needs. The decision to fund the Vasconi Welding Centre and “Rotary” yard was made which will direct over $30,000 in granted money to this phenomenal cause which supports vocational training in the area of welding for both young men and women! Our intent is to highlight this primary beneficiary as well as other recipients of granted monies at our FIRST PAELLA themed fundraiser on March 26, 2022!

Both our Rotary International and Windsor Community Foundations function under the same umbrella right now! Our Windsor Community Foundation has expanded to include not only the John Lewis Fund (our Club Founder) but the new Ken Moulton Educational fund, which awards an annual scholarship to students who are attending the Alternative Education program. The First scholarship was awarded in June 2021 by Ken to a young woman who was the first in her family to graduate from High School, and to go on to College! Our Club Operations team is responsible for the week to week activities that allow our club members and visitors to experience meetings, both in person and on-line.

Given the on-going Covid restrictions, we made the decision to offer a modified hybrid to those members who do not feel comfortable participating on a face to face basis. Everything from leading the songs to sharing a Rotary moments are experienced whether you are at Charlie’s or in your home!
With the growth of the club, our new PASSPORT process has replaced the RED to BLUE offering opportunities for new members to “travel” through the club interviewing various members and their roles, all the while gaining expertise on Rotary International, Windsor Rotary and establishing personal connections with members!

So Windsor is on the move!! With four Past District Governors in our club (Mike Merrill, Maureen Merrill, Michael Juric and Ken Moulton), we are excited to put the spotlight on our own Tom Boylan, who will follow Jennifer Strong as District Governor in 2023-2024!!

Should you be in the area, please come visit us at Charlie’s Restaurant at 7:15 am on Tuesday mornings!!

…  Pam Moulton

The Mission of Windsor Rotary
The mission of the Rotary Club of Windsor is to serve our community and the world. We strive to better communicate with our members and with the community to inspire and mobilize both our local and global community in health, education, and peace to create transformative change.

The Windsor Rotary Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit, Fed EIN #68-0185065.


Tuesday at 7:15 a.m.

Charlie’s Restaurant
Windsor Golf Course
1320 19th Hole Dr.
Windsor, CA 95492
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Rotary Club of Windsor
P.O. Box 819
Windsor, CA 95492
Phone: 707-892-0492