The Rotary Club of Windsor had a 35th Anniversary Jubilee on Saturday, March 25, 6-10 PM, at the office of Staubli, 100 Market Street, Windsor, California. The celebration, in Roarin’ 20’s style, included food, music, and dancing, all with the energetic and renowned enthusiasm of the members of the Windsor Rotary.

Have you ever wondered what a Rotary Club can do for our community? Since 1987 the Rotary Club of Windsor has been helping to build the Windsor community to the benefit of young and old. Through fundraising efforts, the Windsor Rotary members have provided equipment for the Windsor Fire Department, the creation of Elsbree Skate Park, floor for the Boys & Girls Club gymnasium and countless other projects. The Rotary Club of Windsor has contributed over 1.5 million dollars both to local and international project since its inception in 1988.

n addition to the physical and financial investment made by Windsor Rotary members, there have been gifts of the heart. Each year the Rotary spends time with seniors in celebration of the holidays. Rotarians have spent countless hours in support of the Salvation Army by greeting shoppers at several Windsor locations. Over the years, the Windsor Rotarians have read to elementary school children and provided counseling to Windsor Middle School and Windsor High School students.

Windsor Rotary Community Foundation has provided more than $100,000 towards scholarships for graduating seniors. Each year the Windsor Rotary Club sponsors student exchange programs, which allow our young residents to travel and live within another country’s culture. In return, Windsor Rotary has hosted students from around the globe providing them with an opportunity to live in the homes of Rotary families and attend Windsor High School.

The list of projects that the Rotary Club has completed for our Community is long and varied. Look for the Rotary Wheel on these and more projects throughout Windsor:

Windsor Elsbree Skateboard Park
Windsor High School Welding Facility Safety Upgrades and Improvements
Computer Lab at Boys & Girls Club of Windsor
Equipment for Windsor Fire Department and Demonstration Garden
Green House at Windsor Creek Elementary School
Solar Classroom at Cali Calmecac School
Gymnasium Floor at Boys & Girls Club of Windsor
Equipment and Supplies for Windsor Little League and Softball (both boys and girls)

The mission of the Rotary Club of Windsor is to serve our community and the world, both young and old! We strive to better communicate with our members and with the community, to inspire and mobilize both our local and global community in health, environmental issues, education, and peace to create transformative change.