Scribe: Tom Boylan Introduced by: JB Leep

Rotarians were gathering prior to that official bell being rung by President Bill Bolster. By 7:30 we were 25 in attendance. Pres Bill opened the meeting with a sad notice. Past member Laura Griswold-Hurley lost her husband Glen Hurley. You can contact her at 4865 Londonberry Drive, Santa Rosa, CA  95403

Cell number is: 707-322-4506 / Email –

There were a couple of nice words shared regarding last week’s Craft-Talk speakers, our own Mike Merrill, and JB Leep. 

The inspiration came from Amy Grant via Barbara McChesney, “Thanksgiving day is a good day to recommit our energies to giving thanks and to just giving.”

John How took the club down memory lane with a rousing round of Twinkle Twinkle… Rotary.  An interesting play on words!

No visiting Rotarians, but Sue Nelson let us know our former member Jo Timmsen will be coming back to the club. We were reminded that the younger version of Jo was into parachuting, and along with rejoining the club, she is jumping out of airplanes again. I think an updated Craft talk will be forthcoming.

Our guest today happens to be our speaker as well, Mimi Enright a Master Gardner

Tom Boylan, the resident scribe was recognized for all the kind words he has provided with his current role as Rotarian of the Month… the scribe thanks Bill and the rest of the club.

Our resident COVID nurse, Diane Brabitz shared a few of her thoughts on the silent killer that is so deeply set in our communities, locally, nationally, and globally. We heard how she has assigned more than 13 of her homecare nurses to the local hospitals to assist in the fight.

According to Diane, we have lost 150 people in Sonoma County alone and the number is expected to go up. Traveling is not a healthy decision, but staying aware of what you can do in our community and our homes become a potentially life-saving opportunity.

We are reminded that just because a vaccine is underway, plan for six more months of being on guard to stay healthy.

Here is the latest COVID update from your Rotary Club nurse:


Total Cases: 11,608  (last week 11,055), New Cases: Fri 47, THIS IS 292  (last week 223)


Sat 65, Sun 58, Mon 122

Deaths:  155     (last week 150)

Hospitalized: 30 confirmed and 2 suspected    (last week 19 confirmed and 5 suspected) statewide, the number of hospitalizations has doubled since last month!

We continue with 19% of our cases in the 25-34-year-olds and 17% in the 35-44-year-olds.

We have tested a Total of 283,276 and 9625 recovered   (last week 226,144 in our county with 9163 people recovered)

The largest number of cases in the Latinos, cases are showing coming from close community spread or close contact and largest industry testing positive is services and sales. (this is not health care workers)    2nd largest group of cases are in people not working and are probably cases caught from a family member!

Governor Newsom has issued a curfew from 10 pm to 5 am and also a one-month limited STAY AT HOME for non-essential personnel.  It has been recommended by Governor and the CDC that all travel be halted and that we not leave the Bay Area, (they were previously saying Sonoma County but so many travels for work). The issue with travel is not being on a plane but the time being in airports which is a closed, contained space.

Public Health and most infectious disease Physicians are asking that WE CANCEL THANKSGIVING CELEBRATIONS/DINNERS and KEEP DINNERS TO YOUR OWN HOUSEHOLD!  It is just too dangerous to have dinners with groups of people outside of your own household and do it safely.   If we want to be able to celebrate next year and have our loved ones there, then the sacrifice needs to happen now.   This virus is deadly, unseen, and can strike anyone.   Do not take chances with those you love or yourselves.   Stay home, stay in your bubble, and Zoom.   Do not get together …  As the MD’s are saying, “if you invite someone outside of your household, even a family member, to dinner for Thanksgiving, then you could be planning their funeral in December!”

Please do your part in controlling this disease and keep your guard up until the vaccine is available to the general public.   We are probably looking at 6 months and summer before we have enough immunity to see normal life again.   It is up to each of us!

Let’s really become SONOMA COUNTY STRONG AGAIN.  I wish everyone a safe, healthy, and Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you do it on Zoom!

President Bill suggests we go ZOOM for this year’s Thanksgiving.

Barbara McChesney shared the following info to join the Petaluma Sunrise Rotary environment committee for “Movie Night!” when they will be showing “Climate Restoration Solutions” from the 2nd Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum – with time 4 discussion/questions afterward. Share this info and be sure to bring your own popcorn. The date is Saturday 11-28-2020, 7-9 PM.  COME FIND OUT HOW LEAVING A WORLD WE’RE PROUD OF FOR OUR CHILDREN IS POSSIBLE!

Glenn Sugden got a shout out for his generosity in a donation to the Windsor Rotary Community Foundation in the past year. Brian Ling reminded some of us that SCHBC, Sonoma County Hot Air Balloon event, was jump-started by John Lewis, our official founder of Windsor Rotary Club. Brian went on to explain that John’s interest in model trains made the train whistle an appropriate recognition for when members make a donation. Once you have donated $1000 you become a John Lewis Fellow, currently, our club has 32 current Fellows. We are reminded that we have the endowment fund and a “local projects fund.” Every dollar you donate is tax-deductible.

We found out from JB that we now have a payment portal available on the website. Easy to use and every donation is accounted for.

Contact Mike Merrill to get your name on the bucket that stands next to a Rotarian as they ringadabell.

We heard we had an amazing season of giving for our Food Drives. Heather Cullen thanked all for their participation.

We are promoting Rotary Socials

Toy Drive for the holiday social has a fun spin. You will get an invite and you are asked to purchase a toy that reminds you of a fellow club member. The holiday social is set for December 12th, 6 pm via Zoom. Look for your email invite to arrive shortly.

There is a clipboard with a few opportunities to be active in the club. The following has been promoted by Pres. Bill.

  • Dick Bishop Salvation Army Bell Ringing needs a few ding a lings. Contact Mike Merrill at  , or call 707-484-0310

Fundraisers – Need volunteers

  •  Santa Tim Gift Wrapping – Contact Glenn Sugden at  / 707-696-9906
  •  February Valentine’s Day Tri-Tip – Contact Carol Martin at / 707-403-8200
  • “Boys with Bandwidth” on December 3rd at 7 PM contact Michael Juric at /707-478-7527
  •  “Ladies on Line” on Wednesday, December 16th at 5:30 contact Pam Moulton at / 707-328-0026

 Rotary District 5130 Disaster Relief Fund – Fires.

  • They will work hard to make sure every dollar donated will make a difference in someone’s life!
  •  Mail your donation to: Ashliegh Diehl, District 5130 Treasurer, 1315 Fourth Street, Eureka, Ca 95501 

Advice to Grow By…

JB did an introduction of today’s speaker Mimi Enright, Program Manager for the UC Master Gardner, which sounds a lot more fun than her professional past with IBM. She became planted in Luther Burbank country and works on several projects that deal with food waste.

Who knew that Abraham Lincoln was integral to the development of the Master’s Gardner program.  We all do now.  1972 became the startup year for the Master Gardner program to start in Washington State, California finally grew up in 1982 to start their first MG program. In 2019 the organization donated more than 20,000 hours to helping gardeners.  The road to becoming a badge holder includes 16 weeks of training, and the hours required to maintain the MG rating continues after your being awarded the title.

The MG program is focused on non-commercial homeowners in Sonoma County. The group spends time working on a variety of problems that gardeners face, from soil to pests and beyond. They are also promoting water conservation through sustainable gardening techniques.  You can find their booth at the Farmers Market to get additional information.  Or you can head to the website to get your education growing:  If you have a specific question you are invited to email the program at

President Bill thanked Mimi for educating us. He also suggests that we leave our work behind this week but that we do something Rotarian for those who need help. Happy Thanksgiving.