Bulletins – 2023 Q4

Meeting Bulletin - May 7, 2024

Friday, May 10, 2024

Teacher of the Year Celebration

Rotary Club Minutes for May 7, 2024

Good Morning......Doug Williams opened the meeting at 7:30

Pledge of Allegiance......Kate Smith
Inspiration.......Bill Bolton
Song.......Heather Cullen
Guests Included: 
*Jeremy Decker, Superintendent Windsor Unified School District
*Angela West, Principal of Windsor Middle School
*Heather Kristensen, Principal of North Bay Met Academy
*Danielle Buckman, Principal of Windsor High School
*Annette Zucconi-Montez, Principal of Brooks Elementary School
*Patricia Chadwich, Principal of Mattie Washburn Elementary
*Linda Tervel, Principal of North County Consortium (Cali   Calmecac Academy)
*Rosa Reynosa, Mayor Town of Windsor
*Keith Roberts, District Director representing James Gore
*Karlene Rebich, Representing Mike McGuire and Jim Wood
(Teachers who were honored are listed below.)

Michael Juric reviewed the success of our "An Evening in Seville." We gave $10,000 apiece to the Pump Park, Every 15 Minutes, and the Wellness Center of Windsor High School.

Superintendent Jeremy Decker spoke about our amazing school district and the incredible work of our teachers. He stated that teaching had never been more difficult than now.

Pam Moulton introduced our Teacher Appreciation Program which was started by her husband, Ken Moulton, 25 years ago.

As the teachers of the year were introduced, thanked and honored, they were each given a plaque of appreciation and a gift of $500. The teachers of the year were:

*Mandi Neidlinger of Windsor Middle School; Principal Angela West said the word that exemplifies Mandi is Exceptional
*Shannon Johnson of North Bay Met Academy; Principal Heather Kristensen said the word that exemplifies Shannon is Inspiring.
*Lisa Hadley-Hill of Windsor High School; Principal Danielle Buckman said the word that exemplifies Lisa is Roots.
*Natalie Dye of Brooks Elementary; Principal Annette Zucconi-Montez said that the word that exemplifies Natalie is Sunshine.
*Sharon Pariani of Mattie Washburn Elementary; Principal Patricia Chadwick said the word that exemplifies Sharon is Dedication
*Jaynellen Kovacevich of Cali Calmecac Language Academy; Principal Linda Tervel said the word that exemplifies Jaynellen is Caring.

Interact Club President Kai Arce spoke about the Peace Pole which will soon be installed at Windsor High School.

In-coming President Barbara McChesney introduced Kai Arce the co-president of the Interact Club. Kai invited our members to attend the Peace Pole dedication on Monday the 13th at Windsor High School.

Thank Yous to our guests and volunteers:
*Setup......Steve Klick
*AV Setup......John LeCave
*Greeter.......Robin Resendez

*Song......Heather Cullen
*Scribe......Margaret Johnson
*Inspiration......Bill Bolton
*Photos......Sue Nelson

President Doug Williams closed the meeting at 8:30.

Respectfully submitted,
Scribe, Margaret Johnson

Meeting Bulletin - April 16, 2024

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Craft Talk: Jose Louis Diego

Good Day fellow Rotarians and friends and family who are reading our weekly bulletin. Today’s
minutes are from TUESDAY, April 16, 2024
Pledge of Allegiance: Led by Larry McCabe
INSPIRATION: President Doug Williams offered a quote by Mahatma Gandhi “The Best way to
find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”
Did I Make a Difference in Somebody’s Life?
What Wrongs did I Right, What Hurts did I Heal?
SONG: Heather Cullen did a great job in attempting to lead the members in “Singing in the
Rain” members without the words, not so great, but we gave it a good try.
No Visiting Rotarians
GUESTS OF ROTARIANS: Cara Morrison, Project Coordinator of Project Graduation, Chloe
Ballard, sustainability coordinator for the Town of Windsor, and Dennis Wilkinson a past
Rotarian, we hope will return as a Rotarian

April 20 Windsor Repair Fair 10am-1pm Huerta Gym Windsor weactfair.com
April 21 Earth Day Climate Fest – Healdsburg
April 23 Speaker: Letitia Hanke, roofing contractor & philanthropist
April 27 “5th Tuesday” on SATURDAY Windsor Water Treatment Plant 10am
8400 Windsor Rd. Across from Windsor High School
April 30 No meeting
May 7 Club Meeting: Teacher Appreciation Day
May 11 Arundo Donax Removal
May 14 Club Meeting: Transcendence Theater
May 20 Board Meeting
June 4 Club Meeting: Law Enforcement Appreciation
June 17 Board Meeting

Windsor History Fact

The Flourishing Wine Industry of Windsor
Windsor's history is also deeply intertwined with the wine industry. The region's Mediterranean-
like climate and fertile soil provided the perfect conditions for growing grapes. By the late 19th
century, Windsor was home to several flourishing vineyards and wineries. However, the
Prohibition era in the 1920s dealt a severe blow to this thriving industry. Windsor's indomitable
spirit shone through as the town reinvented itself, shifting its focus to prune and apple farming

Board Meeting Report: Larry McCabe shard treasures Ed Turner & Carol Martin submitted
financials displaying both the club and foundation are in good solid standings.
Thursday March 25 th , 5:15pm there will be a meeting with Exchange Bank at their 4 th St location
to discuss investment fund management. Please contact Sue Nelson if interested in attending.
Barbara McChesney requested and received approval for $280.00 for the Interact club to
purchase the peace pole that will be erected in the peace garden they are creating at Windsor
High School.
Funding was also requested and approved from the community fund to sponsor 3 additional
students to attend RYLA this year.
Foundation Chair, Brian Ling shard the club and several individuals have a good amount of
points available; he is open to discussing use of these points and welcomes questions and
suggestions from the club.
Larry commented he attended SCARC (Sonoma county area rotary clubs) this month, the focus
of the meeting was on local clubs working together to make the most impact in the community.

Project Graduation: June8, 2024 9pm-3:30am
Monica McCabe presented Beth Smith & Carla Morrison a check for $2000.00 for this year’s
Project Grad. Rotary’s funding will support professional security for the event.
Volunteers are needed the day before the event, night of the event and clean up the day after,
volunteer sign up: www.windsorhighprojectgrad.org

Environmental: 5130 District Challenge: Barbara McChesney
Earth Day Monday April 22, 2024 Planet Vs Plastic This year’s theme
Barbara showed a short film of how much plastic is polluting not only our planet but our bodies
every day, and the urgent need to eliminate plastic as much as possible.
District 5130 Plastic Challenge Barbara will be emailing additional information,

Compost Giveaway Windsor April 20 th 9am-12pm Keiser Park 700 Windsor Rd
Bring your own shovels and buckets as the compost will be loose. Compost is certified organic &
CDFA approved. For more information: https://zerowastesonoma.gov/compost-giveaways

Craft Talk: Jose Louis Diego
Jose first joined Rotary in 2019, the pandemic happened and as so many others he lost his job,
He worked a few various jobs when he took a job in a management position at the Pizza Guy in
Windsor. Jose stated he had not worked at Pizza Guy that long when the owner offered to sell
Jose the business. Jose did not feel he had the knowledge to run the business but was told he
would teach him. A year and half later, Jose bought Pizza Guy.
Jose has engaged with the community and provides pizza for various nonprofits. Pizza Guy has
11 employees.
Jose felt he was at a place he could return to Rotary, and we are happy to have him back with
President Doug announced Michael Juric is hoping for some feedback on our fundraiser event,
please email: michaelrjuric@gmail.com

Closing remark
Thank you:
David Doht, Boyd Morrison, & JB Leep: Set-up
Michael Raasch: Greeter
Heather Cullen: Song
Pegi Ball: Scribe
Barbara McChesney: Photographer
President Doug enco:urages us all to go out and make a difference in someone’s life
Meeting adjourned: 8:30am


? Americans use over 100 BILLION plastic bags every year. These bags clog
the ocean and sit in landfills for up to a thousand years before decomposing.
? Plastic production has grown to more than 380 million tons per year. More
plastic has been produced in the last 10 years than in the entire 20 th century.
? We recycle less than 9% of the plastic we consume. Most of the plastic we
put into our blue bins goes into the landfill because it isn’t really recyclable.
? By 2050 (the same timeframe as from 1998 to today), the weight of plastics
in the ocean will outweigh all sea life in the ocean.
? What can we do? (1) Refuse, Reduce, Repurpose or Recycle plastics,
(2) Support initiatives to ban or levy deposits on single use plastic, plastic
bags, and (3) Use a metal bottle and refill at a water station.

We can do it- we HAVE to do it!


Meeting Bulletin - April 9, 2024

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

Carla Rodriguez, Sonoma County District Attorney

April 9, 2024 Rotary Club of Windsor Minutes
Presiding: Doug Williams, President, Pam Moulton, Past President
Pledge of Allegiance:  Daniel Meyers
Inspiration: Diane Brabetz:  Did I make a difference?
Song: JB:  Take me out to the ball game!
Visiting Rotarians: none
Guests: Student of the Year, Emma Kaspar and her parents .  Emma is in the STEM program and told us about how she loves to build things, and looks forward to a career in mechanical engineering.
Mike Merrill’s birthday on the 10th!
Margaret Johnson’s birthday on the 10th!  She donated $80!
Donnie and Beth Smith’s 22nd anniversary and she is donating $50!

April 15:  Board meeting
April 19, Friday, Dinner Mystery with the Middle School.  6-9 pm, Old West Theme!  Come and dress the part and solve the murder!
April 23:  Speaker: Letitia Hanke, roofing contractor and philanthropist
April 27, Saturday: “5th Tuesday “ trip to the Windsor Water Treatment Facility
April 30: no meeting
May 7: Teacher Appreciation Day at the Club meeting

Club Service:
Monica McCabe thanked the Club members for supporting Sandie Krutz with weekly meals.
There are several volunteer opportunities available and were announced involving our fundraiser beneficiaries and our legacy projects:
-Levi’s GranFondo this weekend needs volunteers
-Ground Breaking of the Bike Pump Track will be Friday, April 12, at 3:00 p.m. in Keiser Park.
-The Every 15 Minutes program at the high school is coming up on April 16 and 17.  Contact Officer JP Tamayo at John.Tamayo@sonoma-county.orgANOTHER

Beth Smith asked for volunteers for Project Grad especially on Friday June 7 from 3:00-8:00pm.  Contact Monica or Beth for info on how to sign up!

Review of the FunRaiser 2024 by Michael Juric. 
Thank you and a shout out to all who helped us raise our $30,000.00 goal.  Please send MJ a compliment and a suggestion about the evening. 

Diane Brabitz says that if any Rotarians want to get together to rent her Mexico home for a  week, she will donate the funds back to our Club.  Thank you, Diane!
The Bodega Bay Shack (which was offered by our speaker, Carla Rodriguez, D.A.) was offered 3 times!  Thank you, Ms. Rodriguez!

Speaker: Carla Rodriguez, Sonoma County District Attorney, introduced by Maureen Merrill.
-The Sonoma District Attorney’s office has a 3.3 million budget and is the largest law firm north of San Francisco. 
-The D.A.’s office receives 13,000 police reports annually and files 8,000 for prosecution.
-Ms. Rodriguez was adamant in her view that Prop 47 which made non violent property crimes under $950 misdemeanors should be rewritten.
-She stressed the problems of the juvenile justice system, where young offenders are often housed with older hardened criminals.

Thank you:
Set up: Terry Andreacchi
AV: John LeCave
Greeter: Joan Mora
Song: JB Leep
Scribe: Monica McCabe
Inspiration: Diane Brabetz
Photos: Sue Nelson

It was great seeing President Doug at the podium today!  Keep it up Doug!

The Mission of Windsor Rotary
The mission of the Rotary Club of Windsor is to serve our community and the world. We strive to better communicate with our members and with the community to inspire and mobilize both our local and global community in health, education, and peace to create transformative change.

The Windsor Rotary Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit, Fed EIN #68-0185065.


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